Day in the Life of a very busy dad... how Marvin Humes handles it all

Four hours sleep is Marvin's average

Marvin Humes runs on about four hours of sleep every day. The JLS singer and his wife Rochelle Humes have their hands full with their three adorable children – daughters Alaia, eight, and Valentina, four, and baby son Blake, who turns one in October.

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We caught up with Marvin for our Back to School digital issue, guest-edited by Giovanna Fletcher, where he gave us a candid look into his daily routine. Technology is strictly a no-go in the Humes household when it comes to dinner time, while storytelling (with all the accents and impressions!) is Marvin's forte. Happy reading!

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My alarm goes off at…


My first coffee of the day is at…

6.31am sharp!

Breakfast is on the table at…



Marvin and Rochelle share three children together

The typical school run goes something like this…

Telling the kids to hurry up, make sure they've brushed their teeth, don't forget their homework! Jumping in the car, fighting over who gets to sit in the front, whose in control of the radio. I stick Capital on, then get to school. Lots of big kisses and cuddles then it's goodbye and back home to Blakey boy.

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The playlist the family listens to when travelling...

I actually put together a 'Summer Unlocked' family-friendly playlist for Dash Cam brand Nextbase. It's a collection of 26 songs that is perfect for all ages! There are tunes for Mum, Dad, big bro, big sis, little sister, for the old school ravers and the new school crew, for the TikTokers and for the Disney fans! There is something there for everyone. You can find it by searching Marvin X Nextbase Summer Unlocked.


The JLS singer has created a summer playlist his family love listening to

My typical work day consists of…

My work day is all over the place really! Lots of Zoom meetings and I work evenings on Capital Radio. I work throughout the day on all sorts of different things. When the kids are in bed, that's when I go off to town and do my radio show for three hours!

I pick up the kids at…

I pick up the kids at 3pm. On the way home, there is usually a request to go to the park or if it's a Friday maybe get an ice cream if they have had a good week. Then head home to do homework and start dinner.

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My kids' after-school routine is…

It varies! Alaia has homework, she always has to do that every night and as I said before, we might go to the park to let their hair down. Or just go back home and chill!

Our dinner time is really important, there's no technology at the table, no phones for me and Roch, no iPads. We spend those 30 minutes chatting about everyone's day, that's a really important time for us. Then after dinner, it's bath time, story time and then off to bed.


At dinner time, the family switch off from their technology

A typical family dinner sees us doing…

The five of us sit around with no technology, it's so important for us! Just total 'us' time, with no distractions. This is the one time of the day when we should be focusing on each other. Super chilled, might have a little bit of radio on in the background, but yes, that concentrated core family time.

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In the evenings, we all like to…

Try and get in a little bit of telly. Sit on the sofa. Blake will usually be in bed by then, the girls will have had their bath and it's story time! We love story time. For me I love the ages they're at now, where I can read them a story together and I take storytelling very seriously, all the voices come out, the accents… everything! There was a time when I was away for a week and I recorded the stories on their iPads so they could listen when I was away.


Baby Blake turns one in October

I'm in bed by…

I don't get to bed until 2am. I don't finish the show until 1, then I'm back at about 1.30am. By the time I wind down, I don't get to bed until about 2!

The hardest part of being a working parent is…

Being tired all the time! Listen, it is part and parcel of the amazing role of being a parent and the most rewarding thing is seeing them grow, seeing them every day, seeing something new in your children. Having that love, there is nothing better than having that cuddle from our little ones in the morning. They're in their own little world sleeping, when you check on them at night time. It's amazing to be a parent. Rochelle and I never take that for granted, we are very lucky and we have three great children!

Marvin launched his family-friendly playlist this month in partnership with the UK's number one Dash Cam brand, Nextbase - helping keep the peace in the car this summer as 66 per cent of Brits opt for a UK summer driving holiday! Out on Spotify now, just search Marvin X Nextbase Summer Unlocked Playlist now. Also, visit to get your hands on 100s of free family tickets to top attractions around the UK, and a family holiday worth over £2,000.

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