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Prince George's special year ahead revealed: 'He is coming into his own'

The son of Prince William and Duchess Kate just turned nine

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Sophie Hamilton
Sophie HamiltonParenting Editor
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's eldest child, Prince George, turned nine on 22 July, and according to the practice of numerology, the young royal is embarking on a very important year.

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Numerologist Sonia Ducie told HELLO! that the date of George's ninth birthday and his date of birth have exactly the same numerology number, which signifies a year of rebirth.

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For those new to the discipline of numerology, it is the study of numbers and the belief in their influence on a person's life and future.

Sonia Ducie told us: "Little Prince George is growing up fast. From his Numerology Birth Chart, he's already displaying charm, magnetism, a strong sense of inner authority, and is a clear narrator.

"He's fun and playful, popular, with a creative, expressive impulse that lifts moods. He's also sensitive, caring and kind."

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prince george beach

Prince George's official ninth birthday photo

Sonia adds: "George's age is a 9, which in numerology is the number for transformation and change, education, teaching and learning, and for George to hone in and express his passion for subjects at school, or his passions in life.

"His Personal Year Number is a 35/8 and his Life Path Number is a 35/8 so it’s a very significant year for Prince George."

Sonia explains that George's ninth birthday date 22/07/2022 adds up to 35 (22 + 7 + 2 + 2 + 2) and then 3 + 5 = 8, so his Personal Year Number is an 8 or a 35/8. His birthdate 22/07/2013 is worked out the same way.


The Prince with his siblings Louis and Charlotte

"It is a rebirth year, a time for resurgence, reorganization and revaluation in terms of his inner soul purpose and life path. He needs to embrace tasks that challenge him and make him stronger in the long run, as sometimes he may become easily bored.

"The numbers in the date 22.7.2022 are all water elements - meaning emotions offering a deeper connection to the soul.

"George’s intuition may be razor sharp on his ninth birthday or he may feel a little more sensitive, but it’s a very inspirational date for love and bonding.

"It’s an extremely positive and uplifting year, with his projects or ideas gathering support from those around him. He is coming into his own."

trooping the colour

George with his family at Trooping the Colour in June 

Sonia says of George's future: "George is highly inspiring, intuitive, and it is important he feels like he is making a contribution to life.

"He may feel the urge to write children's books or become more involved in activities that offer practical guidance or raise awareness of causes for others. Perhaps even forming his own charity, or himself fundraising (with a little help from mum and dad) by selling his paintings or as said, writing books.

"He is a natural healer, teacher, and guide for others. He has plenty of ideas of his own and the ability to follow through because he’s methodical and practical. He may step even more into his creative life force and become and powerful guide to his family and others.

"George’s name is a 3 overall and brings a large store of creative energy with a need to express himself abundantly in communication of all sorts such as art, music, sports, or cooking."

Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN is from the Connaissance School of Numerology at NumerologyWorld.Org

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