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Exclusive video: James and Ola Jordan unveil first look at new home - and Ella's reaction is golden

The former Strictly dancers are excited about their big move

Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
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It's been another busy week for the Jordan family who have had an exciting visit to the site of their new home, which they are due to move into this spring.

Former Strictly dancers James and Ola gave HELLO! an exclusive look into their new house as they toured the newbuild property, which is almost complete. They are now into the fixtures, fittings and decor phase of the house build.

You just have to see how cute their three-year-old daughter Ella is in a hard hat and high vis vest in our video! Sweet Ella was beside herself checking out her new bedroom and playroom.

WATCH: The Jordans visit their new house and Ella is so adorable

Also in their weekly HELLO! Parenting column, the Jordans tell us all about what happened when Ola went away for a night, and let's just say James' cooking did not go to plan. Read on to hear about his broccoli disaster.

This week has also been an emotionally tough one for James, who marked the sad passing of his dad two years ago. James was incredibly close to his father and told us how he remembers him.

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The Jordans see their new house!

James: We went to see our new house for the first time this week. It's a new build house and this was our first time inside it together. Ella loved going to see the house and walking around inside it. She couldn't wait to see her bedroom and where her playroom was.

Every time she walked into a room she went 'Wow!', which is nice for us because it's half the size of our last house but it's still nice. It's a five bedroom house but it's not like a celebrity pad. We've downsized for a reason though – to have less stress in our lives.

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ella jordan wearing a high vis jacket discovering house building site

Ella in her super cute high vis vest

It's a nice space – the kitchen/dining/family area is lovely and Ella will have a great garden to play in. We can just open the doors and know that she's out there and she's safe, whereas the other garden wasn't.

So we're really happy with it. She's not really old enough to understand the whole thing anyway. She loved walking around, putting all the gear on, her little hard hat and high vis top. She felt quite important and special.

James remembers his dad

James: It was the anniversary of my dad's death this week, and it's also my sister's birthday so it's a bit of a hard time for our family. She celebrates her birthday the day after our dad passed away.

Ola: It's still a hard day isn't it, it's only been two years. It still feels really fresh.

James: I woke up and was quite upset. Then I got an email that was so positive and I turned to Ola and said, 'I'm telling you now, that is not just a coincidence. That's my dad looking down on us.' And I do believe in that sort of thing.

I used to speak to my dad every day. If he were still here, he'd be helping us now to get ready to move house. It does make you realise that you can do it on your own – that he taught me and passed down the right information. I always relied on him.

james jordan wearing white shirt posing on beach with dad allan

James with his dad Allan

Ola: And imagine what he'd think of Ella, her attitude and when she answers back!

James: Yeah, he'd be like, 'You need to sort that out now!'

Ola: We talk to Ella about him all the time. She likes to see baby pictures of herself and in a lot of them he's there too, so she knows that's Grandad. She doesn't really understand that he's not around but she knows who he is, which is really sweet.

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Ola's night away

Ola: Mummy was working away for a night near Nottingham and I stayed in a hotel on my own for a night.

It was really weird. You get so used to the mayhem at home, the craziness, that when you're on your own, you feel like you don't want to be on your own! Sometimes you've almost had enough of them at home being so loud and needy, but then when you're away you think 'What do I do now?'

James: She went for a night but she made the most of it… probably had a spa before she came home, and she got back really late the next day – so it was two full days.

Ola: No, you know what I did? There was a designer outlet centre nearby, so I went there. But then it was getting dark, so I went back to the hotel, had dinner and went to bed. To be honest with you, I couldn't sleep because I went to bed so early! I missed them.

ola jordan cuddling daughter ella with floral display in background

Ola missed her little girl

James' cooking disaster

HELLO!: So how did it all go with Ella back home while Ola was away, James?

Ola: Tell them what happened at dinner time…

James: I've actually realized that cooking is not actually that difficult.

Ola: I gave him the easiest dinner to do. I bought a lasagne and told him to put it in the oven. We like to have vegetables and Ella loves her broccoli – I told him he didn't have to cook it but he insisted.

James: I wanted my broccoli and rice. This is a massive thing for me, by the way. People will laugh reading this, but for me, cooking is a huge milestone.

Ola: It was a bit of a disaster, wasn't it James?

James: I cooked the broccoli and the alarm went to take it off the heat. Ella was sitting at the table fortunately watching her iPad with headphones on.

I went to pick the broccoli up to drain it and realised the pot was really hot, so I got a towel and put that on each side to grab the handles - but the towel got caught on one of the prongs on the gas hob as I walked to the sink with the pot. It tipped boiling water all over my right hand and I dropped half the broccoli and half the water, and broke a plate.

Ola: He videoed it all for me saying, 'This is why I don't cook because look, look what's happened! It's gone everywhere!' It's so funny because Ella didn't hear anything and turned around to daddy and went, 'Daddy what happened?' You could tell in James' voice he was so annoyed.

James: And I scalded my hand with boiling hot water and it was everywhere.

Ola: Thankfully Ella wasn't near the stove when it happened. Aside from the cooking mishap, I think it all went well because Ella ate her dinner and daddy put her to bed and read her a book. She was quite happy, and when I came back she wasn't that bothered! She was a bit annoyed with me; she didn't want to cuddle or kiss me.

James: She was punishing you. But she does that to both of us. She knows how to push our buttons.

james jordan selfie with daughter ella in blue dress

James suffered an epic cooking disaster

Mother's Day plans

James: We're going to a local pub for Mother's Day on Sunday with my sister and her family and my mum for a roast. Ella doesn't really know what Mother's Day is. We will tell her closer to the time.

Ola: You need to make a bit of a thing about Mother's Day. Did you buy a card?

James: I did buy a card.

Ola: What else did you buy?

James: Nothing.

Ola: You've got to get something and make a thing of it!

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