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Exclusive: James and Ola Jordan seek advice with daughter Ella ahead of house move

The former Strictly stars are excited to move into their new home

Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
March 10, 2023
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Professional dancers James and Ola Jordan are super busy right now as they prepare for the next stage of their lives with their three-year-old daughter Ella.

The family are getting ready to move into their new home this spring, which of course involves a lot of planning and organisation. Up until now, the trio have been living in a rented house since selling their former home, as they wait for their new property to be built.

James and Ella also had a fun day alone at home this week when Ola went to London for a luxurious two-hour facial (sounds divine, sign us up!). See what they got up to in our exclusive video.

WATCH: What did James and Ella get up to when mummy went out?

In their HELLO! column below, James and Ola tell us all about the big move and update us on their week with their toddler Ella.

Previously extremely clingy to her mum and dad, Ella is now totally fine being looked after by her aunt and cousins while her parents go out for the night. Read about their glamorous night mingling with other celebrities.

Ella enjoyed her first World Book Day too, with Ola telling us: "Ella dressed up as Cinderella, who she loves. I think she enjoyed wearing her costume to nursery and she showed them all her Cinderella books."

Catch up on Ola, James and Ella's week here…

Mum and dad's glam night out

James: We went out for a charity ball this week, which was in aid of the charity Together for Short Lives, which is really sad. They support children who are dying of cancer or with rare diseases who don't live very long. Having Ella, it really hits home because you put yourself in that person's position.

It was a lovely ball to be at. It was hosted by Simon Cowell and we were on his brother's table – we get on quite well with Tony and his wife Emma. We didn't meet Simon this time, but we have before and he's really nice. Peter Andre was on our table too and he was singing as well.

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date night

James and Ola dressed up for the charity ball

Ola: I was very much into that. I love Peter. I'm like one of the secret fans.

James: The thing with Peter… we've been around so many celebrities over the years and of course there are a lot of really nice ones, but he's just pure to the core. He's such a lovely human being. I'd like to be like that, I'm just not!

Ola: You are lovely!

James: He is super, super nice.

Ola: His wife Emily is lovely too.

James: I actually sent Peter a DM saying, 'I can't believe how young you still look'.

Ola: It was a great night, and everything was fine when we got home. We'd left Ella with my sister and my nieces, and she loves being with them. She was like, 'Bye mummy' when we went out. It's so much easier to go out for the evening now knowing Ella is happy at home.

ola jordan doi

Ola at Dancing on Ice last weekend

James: Then we went to watch Dancing on Ice at the weekend and left Ella with Ola's sister.

When we got back, she told us Ella had bumped her head – and when she woke up the next day the lump was massive!! She fell off something and hit the corner of the door. She's fine now though.

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ella bump

Ella bumped her head, ouch!

Getting ready to move house

James: We've started trying to organise things for my new house, because you know when you move into a new house there's no curtains, no blinds… when we moved into our last house, we had binbags on our windows for about a year! Our move in date is the end of April.

Ola: And also thinking about Ella's bedroom, what do I want to do – do I want to buy her a new bigger bed? Is it time for a step up? I don't know if she's the right age to move from a cot bed to a big bed.

James: Yeah, what do HELLO! readers think? Is it time to put her into a big bed? How long do they normally stay in their cot bed for?

Ola: If we'd stayed in our house, I wouldn't have changed it yet, but because we're moving, I'm thinking is it worth me doing a nice girly bedroom with a new bed - and it's exciting for her as well.

James: Someone said to us, 'Get her a bigger bed because then when you're teaching her to stay in her room all night, you can stay there rather than her come to your room'. It makes sense. We just let her come into our room, she gets in with us and we carry on sleeping. You can buy some cool beds now. We could get her one with a slide!

dad daughter

Dad had a fun day on his own with Ella

Will Ella get a pet?

HELLO!: With all that space in your new house and a bigger garden, will you be getting a pet for Ella?

James and Ola: No.

Ola: Absolutely no pets.

James: Listen, I love animals. I love the fact that people have dogs, they're part of the family, and I've had cats before – but they are a tie. They become reliant on you, feeding them and putting them out and walking them. It's just another additional stress that I don't particularly want in my life.

Ola: I think I'm too selfish to care for a pet at the moment. I think Ella is more of a cat person than a dog person though – she seems to say she likes cats and whenever she sees dogs she's quite wary.

James: Yeah, but I've made her wary of dogs. Like when you're walking through a park where there are children and the dog doesn't have its lead on - that really annoys me because they're still an animal.

Ola: Cats seem easier to look after to me, but then I can't be doing with all the hair. I wouldn't like seeing cat hair everywhere.

James: And then they start scratching my furniture. Can you imagine?! I love animals, but they're not for us. I see other people's pets and go, 'Lovely, lovely, lovely', then I go home and my house smells clean and my furniture isn't ruined.

The other day this dog ran up to Ella, and I picked her up because I don't know the dog, and the guy said, 'Oh no, he's alright, don't worry'. Well, I didn't know that. It only takes one second for something to happen.

Ola: It does worry us.

James: That's why Ella knows to never go up to a dog. They're animals and might get irritated by a child, like if she pulls its tail or something like that.

ella jordan book

Princess Ella!

Ella's making friends

James: Ella's really enjoying nursery now. She making friends there, which is great. Whereas before she used to go there and do her own thing, the teachers actually said to us, 'She's got her own group of friends now'.

Ola: Yeah, when she sees them walking in and she's still in the car, she goes, 'Oh mummy look, look, it's this one or that one!'

James: She tells us all about her friends when she comes home – who was there and who wasn't.

HELLO!: Have you had any of her friends around for playdates?

James: No. What age do you start doing that?

Ola: Now…

James: Um… [James silently panics about the potential mess]

Ola: I'm not going to get them painting or anything. James, the parents would come with the child…

James: Yeah, it's a weird one for me as a bloke.

Ola: Maybe it's more of a mum thing where we have a cup of coffee and chat. It would be ok for you with another dad. You're not going to have a playdate with another mum, are you?!

James: Ooh I don't know… I'll get all the mums from nursery round [laughs].

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