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my talking hank: islands

10 insider tips to play new mobile game My Talking Hank: Islands – and how you could win a share of $20,000

The tricks and cheat codes to take on My Talking Hank’s latest adventure

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July 4, 2024
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From the creators of My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela, My Talking Hank: Islands is the brand new adventure which invites you to join lovable pooch Hank as he explores a tropical island. 

In a first for Talking Tom & Friends, you can take direct control of Hank and roam free all over a wide-open game environment filled with exciting discoveries, hidden secrets and diverse wildlife. 

In My Talking Hank: Islands, players can discover secret spots and interact with charming new wildlife characters around the island setting, discovering unique collectibles and taking on fun challenges. 

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🏝️ The Adventure Begins! 🎉 My Talking Hank: Islands (Official Launch Trailer)

You can pamper a lion at his own hair salon, help the turtle clean the beach, wash the elephant, play water polo with a dolphin and befriend a monkey. You can also decorate and customise Hank’s Tree House to make it an ideal island getaway, choosing your favourite furnishings and decor. 

The game blends the classic charm of virtual pet caretaking with the thrill of island exploration – and you could win a share of a $20,000 prize pool within its first month! 

Read on to find out how, plus discover 10 tips to get the most out of the game…

10 insider tips and short-cuts to play My Talking Hank: Islands

  1. Explore the island

    There are various ways to start exploring the island setting. To exit Hank’s Tree House via the ladder, tap on the blue arrow button, or go to the porch via the orange button, and then tap on the ladder on the right side of the screen. You can also get instantly transported to one of Hank’s animal friends by tapping on the map in the porch, then tapping on the animal you want to fast-travel to.

    Once you’re out and about, hold your finger on the screen and Hank will follow it. If you want to speed things up, use the scooter, but be sure not to miss any island secrets, as Hank can interact with almost everything. Many objects will reward you with coins, hearts, and even stickers just for taking a closer look.
  2. Take care of Hank

    Hank might be a bold, adventurous explorer, but he still needs your help taking care of himself. First of all, make sure he doesn’t go hungry. Tap the knife and fork button in the Tree House to go to the kitchen and feed Hank either by tapping the food on the table, or by dragging it into his mouth. If there’s no food on the table, you can use coins to buy more by tapping the fridge, or get free food by going outside and bumping into apple trees and palm trees. If you want to give Hank a special treat, tap on the food mixer in the kitchen to make him a unique ice cream sundae or smoothie.

    Once Hank’s well-fed, he’s probably going to need to go to the bathroom. Tap on the toilet button, and then tap on the toilet, the bathtub, and the washbasin. At the tub and the basin you’ll find special animal-themed soaps and toothbrushes, each of which has different effects, so make sure you try them out.
  3. Make friends with the animals

    Visit Hank’s other animal companions either by tapping their picture on the map in the porch, tapping their button on the bottom of the screen while you’re exploring, or simply walking (or scooting) to their home.

    You can visit any of the animals any time you want, but sometimes one of them will need some extra attention. When this happens, their button will turn red, and Hank will have a speech bubble with the animal’s picture in it. Either tap the button to be transported to the animal instantly, or tap Hank’s speech bubble to display a guideline that you can follow to the animal.

    If the animal’s button is red, then they’ll have a speech bubble showing you a picture of what they want to do. If it’s a catapult, they’re hungry, so tap it and launch some food at them. If it’s something else – like the elephant’s mud bath, or the monkey’s banana basket – then they want to play one of their own unique mini-games.
  4. Stay Up Late

    In My Talking Hank: Islands, the sun goes down when Hank’s energy drops to 30%, but Hank doesn’t have to go to bed yet. You can keep exploring the island even after dark, when you’ll discover that it becomes quite a different place at night. In fact, some collectibles can only be found at night, so to complete your collection, schedule a few night shifts.
  5. Discover Collectibles

    There are a host of new collectibles to find in this game. Tap on the shelves in the porch to see which of the butterflies, mushrooms, precious stones, treasures, and shells you’ve found so far, and which ones are still missing from your collection. Most of these collectibles are well hidden, so whenever you’re exploring the island, make sure Hank goes down every path and into every little corner.
  6. Complete Hank’s Sticker Albums

    Hank’s porch is also where you’ll find his sticker albums. Tap on the sticker album and you’ll see there are six albums: one for Hank, and one for each of his animal friends. If you have any sticker packs, they'll be in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Tap a pack to open it, then drag the sticker into the album. When you complete each album, you’ll unlock the next one. You can earn sticker packs by watching videos, by completing animal activities, and by finding them hidden around the island.
  7. Redecorate Hank’s Tree House

    To make Hank’s Tree House feel like home, you’ll need to add a few personal touches. Select the room you want to redecorate, then tap the blue paint roller button. At the bottom of the screen, you can choose between five themes and the different items of furniture and decor within each theme. These items can be found by exploring, bought with coins, and unlocked by levelling up or watching a video.
  8. Play Mini-Games

    In addition to the activities and mini-games you can enjoy when visiting the animals, there are also four mini-games to play on Hank’s games console. You can find the console in Hank’s bedroom, in front of the Tree House, and at each of the animal homes except for the Monkey’s. Play Snake Trails if you want to compete against other players to grow the biggest snake, or if you want to play for high scores, play Snappy Frog, Candy Connect, or Balloon Splash. Playing any mini-game rewards you with coins and hearts – the higher your score, the more coins and hearts you get.
  9. Change Your Voice

    There’s no limit to what Talking Hank can say. Firstly, make sure the app has access to your microphone (the game will ask you to give permission, or you can change this in your device settings). Go to the porch and tap on the microphone. then say something to Hank. He’ll listen carefully and repeat it back to you. And if his voice isn’t quite entertaining enough, you can choose from the sound effects in the menu on the right.
  10. Catch A Movie On The Beach

    One of Hank’s favourite activities is watching TV, but there’s no TV in his Tree House! Instead you’ll find an upgrade - Hank’s very own open-air cinema on the beach next to the Tree House. Tap the “screen” – a sheet strung up between two palm trees – to check what’s showing. This is the perfect place to watch Hank in episodes of Talking Hank’s Adventure Guide: Island Living and other Talking Tom & Friends shows without leaving your tropical paradise.

How to win a share of the $20,000 prize pool 

Join a special treasure hunt on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to be one of 10 lucky winners to share a $20,000 prize. Between 4 July and 3 August, look for clues on each of the Talking Tom social media channels to be in with a chance of winning. Visit the Talking Tom and Friends website to find out more.

How to get a free outfit for Hank

🏝️ Get Your Dino Outfit! 🦖 My Talking Hank: Islands (Trailer)

 Download the game by 18 July to win a free Dino outfit in My Talking Hank: Islands.

Play My Talking Hank: Islands by downloading it for free from the App Store or Google Play

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