Thoughtful gifts for kids: 11 personalised books every child will cherish

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Carla Challis

Personalised books for children are becoming more and more popular for good reason; not only is it fun for your child so see themselves as the lead of their very own adventure, but it encourages them to imagine themselves doing something extraordinary too. From learning about their own identity to discovering the world around them, studies show that when kids see themselves in a story, it has a lasting effect on their literacy and language development – not to mention, it helps them relate to the storylines and themes of the books too. After all, who doesn't love being the star of their very own show? When you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a child, whatever the occasion, try one of these brilliant personalised books for a present they'll love forever.

A book for a new baby

Forget the normal newborn gifts of babygrows and cuddly toys and give them something they'll adore forever. Lost My Name is the most gorgeous book that's all about them and their brand new name, taking them on an adventure to find the letters that make up their name. Each name gets their own unique story for a truly thoughtful tale.


Lost My Name, from £21.99, Wonderbly



A book for the puzzle-loving child

Similar to an I-spy book, Where Are You? asks the child to find different versions of themselves. Each page takes them on a different adventure, solving puzzles along the way – and their name appears throughout the book. They even get personalised names for the six universes they visit in the book, too.


Where Are You?, from £21.99, Wonderbly



A book for lulling toddlers to sleep

With sweet, calming rhymes and soft illustrations, Bedtime For… is a personalised bedtime story that is a great tool for introducing babies and young children to a bedtime routine. They'll love seeing themselves getting ready for bed along with their favourite animals.


Bedtime For..., from £21.99, Wonderbly



A book for spreading love

I Love You This Much is a great book for explaining to a child just how much they are loved, with constant reassuring messaging. 


I Love You This Much, from £21.99, Wonderbly



A book for helping kids learn their ABCs

Getting children interested in learning their ABCs isn't always an easy task. ABC For You is an alphabet book with your child at the heart of the learning journey – making learning much more fun!


Learn Your ABC, from £21.99, Wonderbly



A book for siblings to share

Teach kids all about teamwork with That's My Cake, a fun adventure that is personalised from the front cover to the final page and shows kids that it's better to work together. Great for brothers and sisters who are learning to share.


That's My Cake, from £21.99, Wonderbly



A book for the adventurous child

We all know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, but You and the Beanstalk is the classic tale, 2.0. In this version, Jack doesn't kill the giant but uses empathy to help him instead. We love the message!


You and the Beanstalk, from £21.99, Wonderbly



A book to empower a child

Celebrating a child's individuality, The Wondrous Road Ahead is the perfect book to teach a child about their own strengths and how to believe in themselves as you get to choose their own qualities for the adventure.


The Wondrous Road Ahead, from £21.99, Wonderbly



A book for the whole family

The Christmas Snowflake lets you include nine family members for a truly heartwarming book. Focusing on the importance of family time, it'll become a tradition to read it every festive season.


The Christmas Snowflake, from £21.99, Wonderbly



A book for keeping kids busy

Not only does You Are Extraordinary have endless activities, from drawing to imagining to reflecting, but each activity in this personalised journal packs the same, powerful message – that each child is extraordinary. A great one for giving older children a confidence boost.


You Are Extraordinary, from £21.99, Wonderbly



A book for cultivating their imagination

Let your child's imagination run into overdrive with Dream Town, the world's first ever personalised sticker book. Their name features throughout the book and on the 450 stickers included, and is so much fun you'll wish you had one for yourself.


Dream Town, from £21.99, Wonderbly


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