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Jennifer Aniston on the beauty advice she'd give her younger self

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Jennifer Aniston is renowned for her radiant complexion, flooring fans with her healthy and youthful-looking skin. However, the 47-year-old has admitted there is one skincare tip she wishes she could share with her younger self, explaining that it would have been "so worth it".


jennifer aniston© Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston has revealed the beauty tip she'd give her younger self

"I always think, 'Why didn't someone make me wear sunscreen?'" she told Glamour. "Again, it comes back to being young and thinking I was invincible – I thought that dewy, tanned skin would just stay beautiful but you have to protect it."

She added: "I understand it's not easy, it's hard to keep remembering and reapplying but it's so worth it."

Nowadays, Jennifer follows a simple but effective skincare routine to keep her complexion as healthy as ever. "I always wash it properly, drink lots of water and I really believe that what you put inside your body reflects through your skin," she explained.

jennifer aniston© Photo: Getty Images

The actress is renowned for her radiant complexion


Although the actress admitted she would have like to share her skincare advice with her younger self, she has previously revealed that it was during her time filming Friends in the Nineties that she picked up a major game-changing skincare tip.

"I discovered the oxygen facial when I was doing Friends," the actress told Refinery29. "My make-up artist had her own little oxygen tank, and before we'd go into hair and make-up for the show she'd give us a ten-minute little facial."

friends© Photo: Rex

Jennifer added oxygen facials to her beauty routine after trying them during Friends

Jennifer explained that she was impressed with the way the treatments helped to keep her skin in great condition – so much that she still tries to fit them to this day amidst her hectic schedule.

"I do love oxygen facials when I can get to them," she admitted. "I think they're very good for us, our skin."

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