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Stacey Dooley reveals her body has been damaged by Strictly Come Dancing

The presenter took to Instagram to chat to her fans

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It would appear there's not much of a downside to Strictly Coming Dancing. Fun music, all the sparkles, the romances etc etc but this year's owner of the Glitterball Trophy, Stacey Dooley, has revealed the one bad thing about appearing on the show. Taking to Instagram, the 31-year-old champion decided to thank her fans for all the support they have shown her and to wish them a Merry Christmas but in amongst the joyful message, she revealed her skin is totally "trashed". Why? Well it has to do with all the products the contestants have to wear for the performance. 


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Speaking live in Stories, the documentary presenter said: “So this is the first Saturday in months that I haven’t been dancing.

“I’ve had a pretty chill day; just been for a facial because my skin’s trashed from all the make-up and fake tan”. 

A show known for its out-there aesthetic, this is not totally surprising. It's a well known fact that when it comes to taking care of your skin, having breaks from heavy makeup is always advised so that your skin has time to breath and regenerate. Annoyingly, if fake tan and beauty products are not removed properly, it can clog pores and cause build-up of sebum and eventual breakouts. Not only this but makeup and especially fake tan can really dry the skin out, even for those with combination or oily skin type. 

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The solution? Finding a tool box of great products that both cleanse, hydrate and protect. If you are applying fake tan, always exfoliate the skin fully before layering the product as this will drastically reduce the risk of flaking. Invest in a good eye makeup remover as well as a facewash for the skin and consider a serum as well as a moisturiser. Lastly, always use an SPF, even when the weather is bad as harmful UV rays can penetrate cloud cover and this will harm your skin in the long term and can cause premature ageing.

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