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How to get your skin ready for spring according to a pro facialist

Celebrity facialist Joanna Czech tells us everything you need to know to take your skin from winter to spring

How to get your skin ready for spring according to a pro facialist
Lauren Ramsay
Online Writer
3 April 2023
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Joanna Czech is trusted by Hailey Bieber, worked with Kim Kardashian on developing her Skkn range, and partnered with Lyma to give fashion's crème de la crème facials before the Oscars 2023. Her Instagram page is also a hub for skincare tips and tutorials... not to mention hilarious memes and super-chic outfits. Her reputation certainly proceeds her in the beauty industry, so who could be better  to turn to for seasonal skincare tips"

Since spring officially began on March 20th, it’s literally the only thing we’ve been talking about. But much as warm weather, long days and rays of sunshine are the perfect excuse for a sartorial makeover, it’s important not to forget that the skin is naturally affected by the changing of seasons, even if you can't see it. Small updates to your skincare routine can be crucial help protect your skin from the weather changes.

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“As the seasons change, so do the elements that our skin is exposed to and that subsequently affects the condition of our skin,” explains Joanna, who is also the eponymous founder of her own Joanna Czech Skin Care line. “Following a spring-specific routine will help maintain adequate moisture levels and protect you from longer hours in the sun.”

From beauty tips to the hero product often missed out during skin cleansing, Joanna gives Hello! Fashion the ultimate guide to spring cleaning your skincare routine:

Why should we get a facial for spring?

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“As the seasons change, so do the elements that our skin is exposed to and that subsequently effects the condition of our skin. Bespoke facial treatments provide a carefully curated and targeted approach to any seasonal skin changes, whether you need to boost hydration, reduce pigmentation or address a flare-up – the key point being everyone’s skin is unique,” explains Joanna, “I always consider the condition of my client’s skin and their individual needs, rather than their skin type.”

What are your main skincare tips for the changing seasons?

“For seasonal changes, I always recommend a pH controlling toner such as the toner from my skincare line. Moving from winter to spring can drastically affect the pH of our skin by unbalancing the lipidic layer of our skin causing transepidermal water loss.”

“Once this occurs, the skin will begin to experience dehydration and ultimately inflammation – this is when you feel tightness, see increased flare-ups and a general worsening of your skin’s condition.”

“What we eat, drink, and are exposed to on a daily basis can all affect the pH, and topical treatments are amazing at supporting skin through this. Beyond that, I always tell my clients to stay hydrated and sleep well.”

Joanna Czech
Joanna Czech

How often should we give ourselves a facial?

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“There’s no one size fits all. Age, lifestyle, budget, health, and other skin treatments all affect how often you should get a facial. Facial results are cumulative, like eating healthy or exercising, the more regularly you get them, the better the results. And your at-home regimen is imperative to keeping skin healthy in between appointments, no matter how often you get them.”

How should we update our beauty routine from winter to spring?

Go for higher UV protection:

“The weather changes dramatically between the winter and the spring in many regions of the world. The sun is out longer, and temperatures and humidity levels rise, calling for a new, lighter skincare regimen that also offers protection against UV rays.”

Opt for a lighter skincare routine:

“Rich moisturisers and gentle cleansers can save your skin during the winter, but once the first raindrops of spring hit the grass, your skincare routine will need to shift. Just a few adjustments to your skincare routine in the spring will promote a radiant complexion. Generally, a lighter lotion is sufficient because as the weather warms, there's more moisture in the air, making rich creams less necessary."

Include an exfoliating treatment:

“Dry skin can cause sensitivity, which I see a lot during the cold winter months, so spring may be an optimal time to include an exfoliating treatment in your routine. Physical and chemical exfoliators are effective at clearing away the dry, dead skin cells that can build up on the skin's surface after winter. However, you should always do a patch test and ask your aesthetician which exfoliant is right for you since there is such a wide range of ingredients and strengths.”

Use SPF:

“If you weren't using SPF during the winter, you'll certainly want to include it in your spring and summer skincare line-up. I know it sounds obvious, but with more hours of sunshine, and untouched winter skin, burns can happen rather quickly.”

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