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Lauren Ramsay

Online Writer

I've been a part of the Hello! Fashion digital team since 2022. 

Keeping up to date with the latest trends is my passion, whether it's dissecting runway looks or decoding influencer styles. 

This enthusiasm has led to me leading our 'Try the Trend' series, conducting interviews with industry luminaries like Mary Katrantzou and Sharon Sever, and an array of the coolest tastemakers through the Fashion Insider series.

I gained an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Roehampton University in 2018, but after delving deeper into digital content creation during the pandemic, I realised being a journalist was my calling. I then completed a postgraduate degree in Magazine Journalism at City University, where my passion for fashion and lifestyle blossomed.

My journey in the fashion world has been diverse, with experiences ranging from fashion assistant work at Grazia to merchandising at brands like Reiss. 

If not covering the latest trends on Hello! Fashion, you’ll find me sourcing all things chic, from glamorous restaurant openings in London to stylish alternative wedding dresses. 

You can follow me on Instagram @laurenjramsay. Learn more about our team.