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EMS Training Review: 'This unique workout is taking London by storm and Princess Olympia of Greece is a fan'

Reach your fitness goals faster with E-Pulsive’s 20-minute EMS workout...

epulsive ems workout review
Arianna Chatzidakis
Creative Content Director
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One of the most difficult parts of exercising is finding the time to do it. Perhaps long-distance runs or one hour workout classes aren’t your thing, or you simply don’t have time. Fortunately, one tech-savvy studio has the solution. 

Heralded by the likes of Poppy Delevingne, and even raved about by Kitty Spencer, Princess Olympia of Greece, and Amelia Windsor, Kensington-based studio E-Pulsive offers a royally effective workout. So, what makes it so special? 

The boutique studios, which are located at High Street Kensington, West Hampstead, and 180 The Strand, offers private and partner sessions utilising EMS technology – which stands for ‘Electrical Muscle Stimulation’. EMS training targets body shape and supports weight loss whilst requiring as little time and effort as possible. And it’s remarkably effective.

In a full session, you can experience the full benefits of a two-hour workout in just 20 minutes - and you can burn up to 500 calories in the process. The perfect workout to squeeze into a lunch hour or before work, it's ideal for those who want to stay active around their busy schedules or are time poor like me. 

epulsive workout
The bodysuits come in varying sizes and help to create the electric simulation

So, what exactly is ‘Electrical Muscle Stimulation’, and how does it work? Well, I was invited to review it. upon arrival, I was asked to put on a body vest which comes with electrode straps that carry a small electrical impulse through to the muscles in your arms, legs, and glutes. I was told that it works by contracted the skeletal striated muscles, creating a pain-free stimulation that boosts the effectiveness of the exercise, leading to more noticeable results in a shorter amount of time.

Then, the real fun began. In my 20-minute one-to-one session, which was led by a personal trainer in a swanky studio, we went through a series of different workout exercises, focusing on one body zone at a time. These varied from squats, to lunges, and dreaded planks. The intensity of the EMS pulses starts quite low and get dialled up throughout the course of the session, but only to what you are comfortable with.

The sensation is quite unique – it feels almost like pins and needles, and a little bit like a vibration, but quickly becomes something your body gets accustomed to. But considering it was just a 20-minute workout, and I’m normally used to longer training sessions, I was surprised to see just how much I sweated!

epulsive workout

And the next few days after, I certainly felt the burn. My muscles ached just like they do when I've done a weight training session, so I knew the EMS workout had been effective.

So, whether you’re hoping to maximise the impact of your workout, or want to spend less time in the gym without sacrificing your fitness goals, E-Pulsive’s innovative EMS training could be the solution.

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