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The best wedding perfumes for chic brides

These are the fragrances to complement your unique bridal style

Assortment of perfume bottles
Orin Carlin
Orin CarlinContent Writer
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Fragrance is hugely evocative, capable of transporting you back to a pivotal moment with just the faintest trace.

The connection between our sense of smell and the limbic system – the part of the brain that deals with emotions and memory – is well documented.

A sensory reminder of your wedding day is the souvenir that will never age. One spritz has the power to unlock a primal cascade of memories, hence why choosing the perfect wedding fragrance is such an important moment for many brides-to-be.

Scent is deeply personal, and naturally you want a perfume that feels reflective of your tastes, and gently nods to the mood of the day, while capturing the air of optimism and joy.

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Choosing a wedding perfume is a key part of bridal beauty prep © Spotlight
Choosing a wedding perfume is a key part of bridal beauty prep

If you already have a signature scent that you adore and can't imagine going a day without, crack on, by all means.   

But it feels as though such a significant life moment deserves a bit of special attention to set it apart from the day-to-day. 

How to choose a wedding perfume

Booking a bespoke fragrance consultation is a worthy option © Spotlight
Booking a bespoke fragrance consultation is a worthy option
  • Never, ever blind buy. It may sound obvious, but when choosing a scent, wedding-related or otherwise, always try it for yourself. One person's gushing testimony is another's worst nightmare, actualized.
  • Plan a trip. Visit the perfume counters – Liberty, Harrods, and Selfridges are all excellent options. (I have had some really insightful perfume interactions with Liberty staff in particular.) Another option is a private consultation, a one-to-one session with a perfume expert who will listen to your preferences and use their wealth of knowledge to help you find 'the one'. This would make for a lovely, thoughtful gift for a bride-to-be – check out the likes of Ormonde Jayne, Penhaligon's and Jo Malone.
Try the perfume on your skin rather than a blotting strip where possible © Spotlight
Try the perfume on your skin rather than a blotting strip where possible
  • Explore your personal chemistry. To get a true feel for a scent, you need to try it on your skin. Easier said than done if you're wanting to try a range, but once a scent has migrated beyond the blotting paper, ask for a small sample so you can see how it reacts to your personal chemistry and changes throughout the day.
  • Combat overstimulation. Olfactory fatigue? This is not for everyone, but I swear by this perfume insider tip. Bring a small bag of coffee beans out with you when trying new perfumes. If your nose is overwhelmed, inhale the smell to cleanse your nasal palate. A placebo? Perhaps, but the brief respite helps me readjust and focus on the scent in question.  
  • Get a second opinion. Linda Pilkington, leading perfumer and founder of independent British perfume house Ormonde Jayne, is of the opinion that choosing your wedding perfume should be something of a collaborative effort. "Unlike your wedding outfit, I always suggest wedding perfumes are chosen as a couple, together rather than a surprise," she says. "You want to end up with fragrances that complement each other, that you both adore and that will bring back great memories. If your betrothed chooses a spicy cologne, and you are wearing a delicate floral, someone will be overpowered which isn’t an auspicious start to clash at the altar!"

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How we chose:

Choosing a fragrance is so personal, but we've selected a range of fragrances based on whether they felt suitable for a chic bride on her big day. We've chosen a range of scents to suit a variety of different wedding vibes, and all our selections have decent staying power - top up at your whim. 

Hello! Fashion shares the best wedding perfumes for your big day:

  • Best Wedding Perfumes

    Commodity Moss Perfume

    Moss Expressive


    Wedding vibe…

    Morning has broken. Dewy, woodland ceremony. Possibly a flower crown or two. 

    The 'Expressive' version of Commodity's Moss fragrance is wet and verdant but not fuggy – there is a delicious sharpness that cuts right the way through. Oakmoss and cedarwood are laced with a fresh hit of petitgrain, and the result is crisp and energising. Flout antiquated gender scent boundaries at your own whim, but Commodity markets all its fragrances as unisex. This one in particular is a great choice if you and your partner are considering opting for the same scent.

  • Cecile perfume


    To The Fairest

    Wedding vibe…

    Understated and elegant. The vow exchange is succinct and non-mortifying and the couple are on the plane by suppertime.

    Inspired by the Riviera, British perfume brand To The Fairest's first scent Cécile opens with a sparking bergamot freshness, accompanied by succulent mandarin, round, never sharp. There is a hint of coconut, but it feels aspirational (rather than Hawaiian Tropic, no shade), and would work beautifully on warm, sun-soaked skin. It evokes a bride who is nonchalant towards pomp and pageantry, instead aching for honeymoon bliss and a new chapter.

  • Fragipani Perfume


    Ormonde Jayne

    Wedding vibe…

    Tropical elegance. An elopement on the equator.

    Lush and heady, the creamy tropical splendour of the frangipani flower is celebrated in this irresistible scent by trailblazing independent British perfume house Ormonde Jayne. Fresh, and floral, the zingy hint of lime balanced alongside warm plum is a match made in scent heaven. The vibe is exotic beach ceremony, but intimate and quietly calculated, not at all showy.

  • London Poppy Perfume

    London Poppy

    Floral Street

    Wedding vibe…

    Summer in the city. A chic registry office moment.

    Independent British label Floral Street has delivered a real corker with London Poppy. A burst of citrus juiciness – a fresh blend of Sicilian lemon and Florida orange – is complemented with creamy notes of blossom and sweet (though not overwhelmingly), heady jasmine. The scent would cut through the fug of a city in summertime, and you could easily continue to wear it well into your honeymoon.

  • Fanfare

    Fanfare Cologne Elixir


    Wedding vibe…

    Larger-than-life and lavish. Everyone is invited, no expense spared.

    Utterly devoid of subtlety, Thameen's Fanfare is aptly named. This scent turns the traditional light, splashy notion of the cologne on its head. The flower market-inspired accord is utterly hypnotising, sprinkled with bergamot, neroli and lemon. It has excellent staying power, and on me, the composition changes distinctly over the course of the day. Every single time I wear this fragrance I pick up on something new – it's giving centre of attention, even slightly assuming, and if that's your vibe, go full steam ahead.

  • Pleine Lune

    Pleine Lune


    Wedding vibe…

    No family on the list. Paris, followed by pillow talk.

    Discreetly sensual, Bastille's Pleine Lune is enticing and herby. Velvety tuberose is accompanied by jasmine, green tea and a hint of pink pepper to form a slippery, delicious fragrance. It's pretty and suggestive, rather than carnal and animalic. The olfactory equivalent of a knowing look.

  • Venus of Verbena perfume

    Venus of Verbena

    Sana Jardin

    Wedding vibe…

    Splashy skin and cool-girl appeal. It's giving vintage Dior trouser suit.

    Green, clean and uplifting, Sana Jardin's Venus of Verbena captures the hopeful spirit synonymous with a vow of this nature. A bright blend of sparkly verbena, lemon oil and soft musk, this scent feels understated, and yet, categorically luxe. Parking the obvious holiday-esque citrusy element for a moment, to me it feels springy, optimistic and ageless.

  • Rhubarb and Rose - Molton Brown

    Delicious Rhubarb and Rose

    Molton Brown

    Wedding vibe…

    All-night disco. Post-strait-laced ceremony, once the drinks have started flowing.

    Playful and passionate, Molton Brown's Delicious Rhubarb and Rose would suit a bride who has used her wedding as an excuse for throwing a truly epic bash. Lychee and raspberry are the hero notes, layered atop an unctuous, creamy base. For me, it's richly evocative of the raucous, life-affirming girls' night out. Make no mistake, it is still sophisticated, but perfect for those wanting to inject their reception with a splash of hen energy.

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