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Megan Fox is finally over gatekeeping her plastic surgery secrets, revealing that she’s had three breast augmentations and one nose job in her 37 years spent earthside, fueling a new wave of celebrity honesty in the plastic surgery realm.

The mother of three, actress and hair goals muse opened up about her plastic surgery procedures on the famed podcast Call Her Daddy hosted by Alex Cooper, who is also the founder of the podcasting network Unwell, responsible for both Alix Earle and Madeline Argy’s foray into the pod world. 

If you’ve ever listened to the Call Her Daddy podcast, whose previous guests include Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton, Jack Harlow, Post Malone and Zayn, to name just a few, you’ll understand the effect Alex Cooper has on A-List celebs like Megan. 

Megan Fox poses with Alex Cooper from the "Call Her Daddy' podcast© Instagram / @meganfox
Megan and Alex post podcast recording

On the show Megan can be seen seated on Alex’s famous velvet chair, her pink hair cascading over a fiery red figure-hugging dress. The star and beau of Machine Gun Kelly has forever been ridiculed for her plastic surgery work, but it’s not until now that she’s actually confirmed what she has, and has not had done. 

Megan begins by explaining that she knows all too well how insanely infatuated the world is with her appearance “I'm just gonna go through all the things that I've done because I feel like there's this stigma and I'm not going to win. However, I'm hoping it sets some people free." 

Megan Fox poses with a red bob hairdo and brown tank top on her Instagram© Instagram / @meganfox
Megan has been embracing her wild side ever since she partnered with MGK

Over the years Megan has been well aware of the fact that her appearance has been the talking point of many conversations around the world, which is why her honesty about her plastic surgery work is such a breath of fresh air. Hello! Fashion's Junior Beauty Writer Lydia Mormen is constantly exposed to the world of cosmetic augmentation in her line of work as a beauty mogul and says "It’s really refreshing to see celebrities opening up about the procedures they’ve had and not being ashamed to talk about them. It can be so damaging, for women of all ages but especially for young girls, to aspire to a certain look that’s actually been achieved with a little extra help. Hopefully, it’s something we will see more people in the public eye begin to open up about as cosmetic procedures continue to become more advanced and seemingly undetectable."

As for the procedures she has had done, Megan reveals that she got a boob job when she was “21 or 22” and then had them redone once she was “done breastfeeding” and then again most recently (which is the set she has now) explaining that she “didn't have enough body fat to disguise, you could see the rippling of the implant, so I had to switch them out to this set. They're not even that big. They’re a 32D."

As for her face card, Meg admitted to having a nose job in her early twenties, despite what onlookers may think, saying "I had my nose done when I was in my early 20s. I've literally been accused of having six, seven, or eight rhinoplasty surgeries, which is impossible, your nose would get necrosis and fall off. I haven't had a rhinoplasty since I was, I'm gonna say, 23."

Kylie Jenner attends The Worldwide Editors of Harper's Bazaar Celebrate Icons by Carine Roitfeld at The Plaza Hotel on September 9, 2016 wearing a beaded sheer dress and a sleek blonde middle part hairstyle.© Getty
Kylie has also admitted to having cosmetic work

Megan is the latest celeb to come forward about cosmetic procedures, joining the likes of Ariana Grande who admitted late last year to getting “a ton of lip filler and Botox over the years ”, Khloe Kardashian who revealed she has had a nose job, Ashley Tisdale who told fans she had her breast implants removed and Kylie Jenner who after years of fan speculation admitted to getting lip fillers, telling her Sister Kim in an Allure interview that she "definitely made (her) lips a little too big at one point."

Hello! Fashion's Deputy Beauty Editor Emma North commends Megan's honesty, saying "I have respect for Hollywood stars admitting to having surgery in the first place. Megan's look has changed a lot since her early 20s and you can certainly tell she's dabbled with procedures like fillers and botox, but I say all power to her. If she wants them, why not? She's always faced scrutiny for her looks and if procedures and surgery make her happy, then why shouldn't she? Do I also think she's setting an unrealistic, possibly dangerous, beauty standard for women? Maybe, but it's important to remind yourself that she did have surgery and that her look isn't going to be achievable without it. "

megan fox white dress© Getty Images
Megan Fox was refreshingly honest about her list of procedures

In the episode, Megan does make a point to say that she's “not encouraging people to go out blindly and do things” concluding that if people are thinking of getting something done for themselves, they should do their own research and know that “It all comes with a risk.”

By the end of the 1hr and 27 minute chat, it seems like Meg and Alex have covered almost every topic under the sun, Megan surprisingly airing out years of speculation. However, the star did conclude the episode with a cheeky “There's one thing I had done that I'm gatekeeping, sorry. It was really good, and it's not a known plastic surgery." Leaving fans right back where they started, wondering what on earth the mysterious procedure could be.