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Princess Diana's brother Charles Spencer shares incredible scene at country home

He looks after the family estate, Althorp House

Diane Shipley

Charles Spencer shared a video to Twitter on Wednesday showing some security camera footage from his country estate – and we wish we lived in his neck of the woods! The stunning video from the gardens of Althorp House showed a female deer feeding from the hedgerow when her two young fawns came bounding towards her, leaping on the grass and ran into the undergrowth. 

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The mother then stopped eating and walked off down the path, but her fawns hadn't finished their display: they bounded out and ran towards the camera before turning back again. How sweet! Princess Diana's brother captioned the lovely clip: "Please watch the whole thing - one of our security cameras caught this beautiful scene. Wild roe deer have only been in the Park at @AlthorpHouse for two years. So good to see them flourishing." 

althorp house

Althorp House has been in the Spencer family for years

His followers were delighted by the rare video, and their comments included: "Superb," "Thank you for sharing. What a great scene to catch on camera," "Absolutely love this... They’re so happy & carefree, amazing to see our wildlife like this," and: "Nature at its best. Beautiful."

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Another of the 56-year-old's fans teased, "Ahhh They were probably wondering when the tours will restart." The Spencers' ancestral estate Althorp has been in the family for hundreds of years and includes over 90 rooms and 550 acres of land. It is also where Diana, Princess of Wales was buried.

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Charles has written several books about the estate, including Althorp: The Story of an English House. It is home to some beautiful wildlife, including other varieties of deer. Last month, the father-of-seven shared a video to Twitter which showed a herd of fallow deer at his residence, a variety of deer which has roamed the area since the fifteenth century. Clearly, for wildlife, it’s the place to be!

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