Rochelle Humes' new bedroom looks like a luxury hotel

The Saturdays singer is taking the opportunity to rest before her new baby arrives

Chloe Best

Rochelle Humes is just weeks away from giving birth to her third child, so we can't blame her for taking the opportunity to catch up on lots of rest while she still can! The Saturdays singer revealed she was enjoying an early night at home on Saturday, sharing a photo of her cosy setup in her gorgeous bedroom on her Instagram Stories.

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Just like the rest of her house, Rochelle's bedroom looks luxurious and elegant, with crisp white bedding and a huge bed for the 31-year-old and her husband Marvin to snuggle up in.

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The couple have a TV mounted on the wall directly opposite their bed, and a fireplace integrated directly underneath.

Meanwhile, light coloured curtains hang at the windows, and the walls have been painted cream, creating a calming atmosphere. A huge house plant positioned alongside the TV appears to add the only splash of colour.


Rochelle Humes has revealed a first look inside her bedroom

The photo marked the first time Rochelle has revealed a look inside her bedroom at the family's new home in London, which they moved into at the end of July.

GALLERY: Inside Rochelle Humes' beautiful new home with husband Marvin

However, the This Morning host did showcase the breathtaking views from her new room in a post on her Instagram Stories earlier this month, showing her patio and sprawling garden below, with trees and rooftops of other houses visible further beyond.


The mum-to-be previously showcased the beautiful view from her room

With the singer now reaching 37 weeks of pregnancy with her baby boy, she has been busy getting a nursery prepared in time for his arrival, and she gave fans a first look inside the new room as it was being decorated.

So far, Rochelle and Marvin have put in parquet flooring, moved plug sockets and added panelling across the walls and ceiling, with plans to finish it off with black and white paint. "This is all about to get painted today. We are going for a monochrome theme this time," she said.

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