Lorraine Kelly cosies up in bed as she talks working from home

The TV presenter shared her thoughts in her HELLO! diary

Lorraine Kelly

In this week's HELLO! diary, Lorraine Kelly invited fans into her bedroom as she tested out the new working from home trend – not getting out of your bed! The TV presenter shared her thoughts on the trend with HELLO! readers. What do you make of it all? Read her column below.

I was very interested to find out this week that lots of people working from home are not getting out of their bed! We shouldn't get the wrong idea, they aren't hiding under the duvet or being lazy.

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Apparently, the bedroom is now considered a workspace, and people who would normally be at their desks in an office are snuggled up in bed going through emails and making Zoom calls.

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WATCH: Lorraine Kelly tests a new working from home trend

Devotees include Jeremy Paxman (a big fan of a padded head board) and actress Keeley Hawes, who learns her lines in bed. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen says if it's good enough for Princess Margaret and Florence Nightingale, it's good enough for him. Laurence reckons a four-poster bed is best as he says you make it your own little enclosed space if you add curtains.

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Of course, it's only if you can do your job totally online that you can even begin to consider working from bed.


Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Keeley Hawes are fans of the trend

There's certainly something very seductive about the whole idea, and I admit that I sometimes do my homework for my show in bed, especially in the late evening if I've a book to read, a TV show to preview, or research to complete. Also, at this time of the year when it's cold, damp and miserable outside, I write my columns in bed at night with Angus asleep at my feet after a big long walk.

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Of course, for lots of people, especially working mothers, who are now having to do their job from home, the bedroom is the only place they can find a bit of sanctuary and peace. As we know, feeling guilty comes with the territory when you are a working mum, but it's especially tough when you are at home and trying to juggle homeschooling with demands from your boss.

In a pandemic we can cut ourselves a bit of slack, so don't feel too bad about working in bed, just make sure you get outside for your daily walk, and you divide your time clearly between the workplace and your family. Good luck!

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