Why the Queen's home Buckingham Palace would only get 2-star hotel rating

Her Majesty lives at Buckingham Palace when in London

Rachel Avery

Her Majesty the Queen lives in one of London’s most iconic buildings - Buckingham Palace. However, despite its 829,000 square footage, 775 rooms and decadent interiors, it wouldn’t even make a three-star hotel rating for one reason… none of the rooms have en suite bathrooms.

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The official hotel star rating is explained by Which, revealing that in order to obtain the most basic standard of one star, at least five of the rooms must have en suites or private bathrooms, but to reach three stars, properties must have en suites for all rooms.

Despite this rating system, there is no doubt that the rest of the residence would be a hit with guests should it be a hotel.

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Two features which would certainly delight residents would be the indoor swimming pool and the secret cinema room! Other highlights include the Palace Ballroom which boasts huge chandeliers and lavish décor and the Grand Staircase which is just as impressive as it sounds.

The Queen uses her residence not only for private family time and occasions like royal weddings, but also for official affairs, inviting dignitaries from around the world to see inside the palace walls.


Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms

Come summertime, garden parties are thrown with 30,000 guests over the whole season being welcomed into the immaculate grounds. The gardens cover 39 acres and contain more than 350 types of wildflowers, around 200 trees, and a three-acre lake.

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The public can also come and visit inside some of Buckingham Palace, including the amazing Picture Gallery.


The Queen's home has the most incredible interiors

Since the death of Prince Philip, the Queen’s beloved husband, the monarch has decided to change her permanent place of residence from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle.

The 95-year-old will continue to use her royal home though, visiting regularly for important meetings. The pandemic has illuminated the possibility for Her Majesty to communicate virtually though, so we may see video calls continue. 


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