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Jamie Oliver's restaurant damaged in riots as PM flies in to tackle crisis

9 August 2011
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Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Birmingham was among businesses damaged as rioting and looting spread outside London.A branch of his eponymous Italian eateries had the windows smashed in the city's upmarket Bullring shopping centre.


Writing on Twitter, the celebrity chef condemned those involved in the violence and prayed for the safety of his staff. "My love and thoughts go out to everyone effected by these riots,and all the people I work with who are in the thick of it safe ....... "Sadly my restaurant in Birmingham got smashed up windows all gone whole area closed, can't open, staff and customers all safe!! Thankfully "Thanks to the police & emergency service for what they're dealing with. The communities are amazing!" Other celebrities such as Piers Morgan, Lord Sugar and Rio Ferdinand used the social networking site to appeal for calm.Singer Paloma Faith, a Hackney native, (above) talked about "the good that comes out of" her area of London, which was the focal point for the violence, and condemned the rioters for "completely letting us down".


She added: "I was taught that if you want something you have to work for it and so I did. Cutting corners is all these idiots are doing. "Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela would be appalled by this senseless violence and greed." Meanwhile, David Cameron cut his Italian holiday short to address the spreading riots. The Prime Minister had been enjoying his first proper foreign holiday at a villa in Tuscany when chaos struck. He flew in for an emergency 9am meeting of Cobra – the government's emergency committee –  and vowed: "We will do everything necessary to restore order and make it safe for law-abiding citizens. "Home Secretary Theresa May and London Mayor Boris Johnson were also forced to return early from holiday.Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg cancelled a planned visit to Cornwall.  


Labour leader Ed Miliband said of the Prime Minister's return: "It is right that the Prime Minister is chairing Cobra. "We need a co-ordinated response to ensure public safety and help those people who have lost homes and businesses. "Their decision to come together came after, according to a government source, "the situation became more serious".During the third night of rioting, 44 policemen were injured and four of them remain in critical condition.

So far, 450 arrests have been made and police are circulating photos of suspects in the media.

Some 16,000 officers will be on streets on Tuesday, with leave in the Metropolitan force cancelled. Meanwhile, Parliament was due to be recalled for a debate on Thursday.

Appeals for an end to violence
  • Jamie Oliver - "So sad to see whats happening in UK with these Riots!all gone mad ! We need 2 come down hard on these idiots. my love and thoughts go out to everyone effected, and all the people i work with who are in the thick of it safe ......." 
  • Rio Ferdinand - "What is this all in aid of?? Innocent peoples homes + livelihoods have gone up in smoke-why? England vs Holland game is off, good call. Who wants to see a game of football when our country is in turmoil."
  • Paloma Faith - "I am from Hackney and so much good comes out of that area but these people are completely letting us down."
  • Lord Sugar - "I feel sorry for the police and have to admire how they restrain themselves and hold back their own temper it must be so frustrating." 
  • Piers Morgan - "What is going on in Britain tonight is a form of terrorism and should be treated as such."
  • Alexa Chung - "Wish I was in LDN to help with the clean up. A disgraceful scene, I hope everyone is okay."
  • Boris Johnson - "Heading to the airport. Back in London tomorrow lunchtime. This mindless violence must cease." 
  • Sarah Brown - "Am in North London and can see daily community life continuing in good spirits, but people shocked by what is happening." 

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