16 NOVEMBER 2007

Speaking about her inspiration for the project she explained: "I have two beautiful girls, Beatrice is 19 and Eugenie is 17 now, and I wanted to share some of the ways that I bring them up. So many people say 'gosh they look so centred and confident and loved – what are your secrets?'. So I thought if I just did it this way we could share some of the tips I've been doing with the girls."

Prince Andrew's former wife said she and her ex-husband have worked hard to provide a stable family life for their daughters since their 1996 divorce, explaining that the key was to "treat them like adults".

Among the advice she has given the girls is to look cheerful in public. "There are so many people in the world with problems," she said. "They don't want to pick up a newspaper and see a bad-tempered princess pouting or running down the street hiding."

She also had wise words for Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton, and for Chelsy Davy who's currenty on a trial separation from Prince Harry. Asked to comment on how difficult it is to deal with being thrown into the spotlight as her nephews' girlfriends have been, she said she could only comment on her own experience.

"I loved my prince, I loved my boy so much that nothing was going to stop me walking down that aisle with him because he was the love of my life. If it (meant) putting up with the glare of the publicity then I wanted to do it, because I felt that he was worth it – I still think he was worth it."

She admitted life as a royal bride wasn't easy, though: "It took me a while to get used to it, it's a huge public stage, you have to have that sense of duty. I don't think I really understood that. I went in blindly with love."

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The mother of two was on charismatic form as she launched her Helping Hand books in South London, where she read excerpts to local schoolchildrenPhoto: © Rex
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Speaking to reporters, Sarah - who was stylishly attired in a couture tweed suit - was candid about her ex-husband, whom she decribed as the love of her life Photo: © Getty Images
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The 48-year-old hopes her latest books will help children deal with issues such as divorce and bereavementPhoto: © Getty Images