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Royal scoop for junior reporter as Wills tells story of 'Harry Potter' scar

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She's only ten, but Alice Marples got more personal information out of Prince William than many a seasoned journo when she interviewed him for BBC kids programme Newsround.

As well as opening up about his childhood dreams and relationship with his little brother, the Prince also told her how got what he calls his 'Harry Potter' scar.

He said a friend at Ludgrove Prep School in Berkshire accidentally hit him on the forehead with a club during a game of golf in 1991. The injury needed 24 stitches and left a mark similar to the lightning-shaped scar which distinguishes JK Rowling's boy wizard in her book.

The Prince is patron of the Royal Marsden, the hospital where Alice, a cancer survivor, was treated, and which his mother Princess Diana also supported for several years. "I wanted to follow in her footsteps, in that sense, and help," he explained.

Asked what he would do if he wasn't a prince, William told her he'd once dreamed of becoming a policeman, until he "learnt it probably wasn't a good idea".

On the topic of who would win arm wrestling competition between him and his sibling Harry, the second in line to the throne was unequivocal.

"Obviously I'd win. Obviously. As the bigger brother you have that psychological power over your brother, you see," he joked.

Photo: CBBC
Williams was so at ease with ten-year-old Alice, a reporter for Newsround and a former patient of the Royal Marsden clinic, he was soon telling her a story of his own visit to hospital as a youngster
Photo: CBBC
Speaking in Clarence House to the youngster and her friend Oscar, both cancer survivors, the Prince revealed he'd needed surgery in 1991 after being hit in the face with a golf club by a pal
Photo: CBBC
The exclusive chat was to promote William's support for the Teenage Cancer Trust's proposal to build a unit at the Royal Marsden