Queen's grandchildren looking broody as Peter's daughter Isla makes her debut


It surely won't be long before the Queen is a great-grandmother again.

When her grandchildren gathered at a Gloucestershire polo match, no one was too concerned about watching the action.

Instead all the focus was on Peter Phillips' little girls – Isla Elizabeth, born March 31, and her 18-month-old sister Savannah Anne – and it seemed as everyone in the family is broody.


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Peter and his pretty Canadian wife Autumn proudly showed off their newest arrival to the Duchess of Cambridge, who peered into her pram to take a closer look.

Meanwhile, his sister Zara took charge of Savannah, twirling her round, making her giggle.


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It will be some time before Zara, 31, a top flight equestrian, can have children of her own.

As her husband Mike Tindall has admitted the Olympics, European Championships in 2013 and World Championships the year after will have to take priority.

In the meantime, she's happy to focus on being a devoted auntie.

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