Prince George will lead a 'normal life'

Prince William and Kate Middleton will try to give Prince George as normal an upbringing as possible, and will take inspiration from the late Princess Diana, according to reports.

"It'll be a carbon copy of how William and Harry were brought up, because of their mother," an insider told PEOPLE magazine. "However Diana is painted, her greatest legacy is her sons.

"The way they've been brought up and the way she taught them to think for themselves and to lead a normal life."



William and Kate may well need nannies to help with the care of their child while they fulfil their royal duties, but the royal couple are determined to be hands-on and fully involved with Prince George's upbringing.

The Queen's cousin Margaret Rhodes has previously said she imagined the royal baby would have a "jolly, happy, ordinary child's life," just as the King and Queen in her day had happy childhoods.

When asked how Kate measured up to Princess Diana, Margaret said, "I think that she's doing very, very well. She's done the jobs that have been given to her to do beautifully. I think she's got a way with her that's going to be very appealing."

Although Prince George will undoubtedly grow up in the limelight, others members of the British family have said that William and Kate will know how to protect their children.


"Sure, the baby's going to be in the limelight, just like William was from a very early age," said the Duke of Cambridge's cousin, Peter Phillips.

"That being said, both of the baby's parents are used to that and I think there is the structure and infrastructure around them all to be able to protect their children to a certain extent."

William and Kate have reportedly planned for a modest nursery, and while their child will be raised in more privileged surroundings than most, the couple will do their utmost to keep Prince George as grounded as possible, much like other children growing up in the royal family.