Royal footman who announced birth of Prince George returns to India as visa expires

The royal footman who helped announce the birth of Prince George at Buckingham Palace has returned to India after finding out his visa could not be renewed.

Dressed in a black tailcoat and red waistcoat, Badar Azim played an important role in unveiling the easel that detailed the news of the safe arrival of Prince William and Kate Middleton's first-born son on Monday 22 July.

Images of the 25-year-old were beamed across the globe as he assisted the Queen's press secretary Ailsa Anderson in fixing the official birth notice to the historic easel after news broke that the future King had been born.


The Indian-born footman had spent the last 18 months working at the Queen's official London residence after extending his student visa.

He was on duty on the Privy Purse door at the time of the Duchess of Cambridge giving birth and thereby played a role in the historic moment.

The former Napier University student, who has a degree in hospitality management, is thought to have returned to his family home in Kolkata (Calcutta).

He was given the opportunity to study in the UK after his school, St Mary's Orphanage and Day School which is run by the Congregation of Christian Brothers of Ireland, raised £10,000 to help fund his education.

Badar's younger brother Mazhar spoke about his elder sibling's big moment.

"He acted very normal about it but it was a proud moment for him. My parents are so proud," he told the Daily Mail.

"They knew nothing about the British royal family before he got the job. They were really surprised. We did not know about any of it beforehand. We only read about it in the newspapers. My parents think Badar is blessed."

After completing the first two years of his degree in Kolkata, Badar relocated in Edinburgh, Scotland where he finished the course. He began his job as a junior footman at Buckingham Palace in February 2012.