Pregnant Kate Middleton to spend a day with scouts

Kate Middleton is set to visit a new Scout group on Tuesday and help them discover more about the association’s “Better Prepared” campaign to encourage learning sign language.

Kate met with TV star and Chief Scout Bear Grylls at Windsor Castle last year

The Duchess of Cambridge, 32, is a regular volunteer and has boosted the popularity of the scouting movement since joining in January 2012.

A spokesman for the Palace explained at the time that she “loved the idea of Scouting and working hands-on with children.” Her involvement in the Scout Association has prompted a huge increase in the number of adults signing up to help, with more than 2,800 volunteering since she joined.

Her father-in-law Prince Charles even commended her actions saying, “I need hardly say that I am particularly delighted that my daughter-in-law has helped to swell the ranks of much-needed Scout volunteers, since enrolling many more adults as leaders is the greatest need for so many of our youth organizations.”

Kate’s visit will see her working with the youngest members of the association, known as the Beavers, at an East London location of the troop. Kate will help them work towards their Disability Awareness badge and then hand out the badges to those who successfully complete the tasks.

Kate baked bread outdoors when she joined a Scout group for a day

It is hoped that Kate’s involvement in the group will help encourage even more adults to volunteer in order to get the 40,000 youngsters on waiting lists around the country into groups.

In March last year, Kate proved herself good at bread making when she joined a Scout group for a day. Then a month later she attended the National Review of Queen's Scouts at Windsor Castle.

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