Prince Harry back in London but still has yet to meet Princess Charlotte

During his seven day trip to New Zealand, Prince Harry couldn't stop gushing about brother Prince William and Kate Middleton's new daughter Princess Charlotte. Now, back home, the royal is eagerly waiting until he can meet his "beautiful" niece.

The royal uncle made the admission as he paid a visit to the Chelsea Flower Show on Monday. Less than 24 hours after arriving back in Britain, the 30-year-old Prince said he had not yet met the newborn royal, who was born while he was away on a four-week assignment with the Australian Defence Force earlier this month.

Prince Harry arrived at the Chelsea Flower Show on Monday morning Photo: Getty Images

Harry made a special appearance at the flower show to visit a garden designed by Matt Keightley, who created an African-themed garden for Harry's charity Sentebale. "I can't wait to show members of my family this garden," Harry told BBC Breakfast. "My father's foundation has been involved in this as well. This evening will be quite busy."

Making a reference to his jet lag, Harry continued, "I'll probably be like a walking zombie. It will be great. I haven't seen my grandma for a while, or my grandfather."

Asked about his new niece, he added, "We'll wait and see. That still hasn't happened yet. I only got back yesterday afternoon. Time will tell when I have a chance."

The Prince admired the Sentebale garden with creator Matt Keightley Photo: Getty Images

Harry was clearly delighted by the completed Sentebale garden, which includes plants and flowers transported from southern Africa. He was seen bending down for a closer inspection several times during a guided tour of the colorful display. As a special treat, a Basothu choir sang for the Prince as he left the garden, and he spent time talking to each of them and shaking their hands.

Mr. Keightley was tasked with creating a garden inspired by Sentebale's new children center, which would "transport" visitors in Chelsea to "the landscape of Lesotho in southern Africa".

Harry said that his "fantastic" efforts were "everything I could have wished for."

Prince Harry greeted members of the Basutho Choir Photo: Getty Images

"From all the sketches of what it would look like, this is exactly how I imagined it," he said. "It's kind of perfect. If my garden was big enough, I would try and move it into my garden."

Later on Monday, Harry will show his grandmother, the Queen, around the garden, parts of which he said were "exactly like Africa." The Prince added, "I'm aware lots of people haven't been to Africa, let alone Lesotho. This is our way of bringing a little bit of Lesotho to Chelsea."

Harry took a closer look at the exhibit Photo: Getty Images