Prince Harry given presents for Princess Charlotte, reunites with old teacher

Looks like Kate Middleton and Prince William need to make room in the nurseries for more gifts! As Prince Harry is charming his way around New Zealand, the royal has been graciously accepting gifts that include children's books and boots for his niece and nephew.

The presents for Princess Charlotte and Prince George from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch were pictured on Kensington Palace's Instagram. In another cheeky gesture, the gift basket also included some "Prince Harry" ginger beer for the red-headed royal.

Harry will almost certainly be coming back with excess baggage. He has previously received a cuddly toy and a babygro in the colors of New Zealand’s top Rugby Union team, the Wellington Hurricanes, for his newborn niece.

On the trip, he also bumped into a former teacher who cared for him at Ludgrove School. Vicky McBratley, who is now a pre-school teacher in New Zealand, had waited in the pouring rain to see her former student. "My goodness I remember you. Long time no see, " he told her.

“He just looked really shocked and said, 'Hi Vicky, nice to see you', gave me a kiss and had a chat," the schoolteacher said after their meeting. "(He was) a loveable, friendly, nice boy. He's still got that same smile."

Prince Harry was reunited with his former school teacher while in New Zealand Photo: Getty Images

Prince Harry attended the exclusive prep school in Wokingham from 1992 until 1998, during which time his parents divorced and his mother Princess Diana was tragically killed. Vicky’s first day working at Ludgrove was the day of Diana's funeral.

She now works as a pre-school teacher in Christchurch, and Harry asked about her life in New Zealand and met her three children, Hayden, 11, Summer, 10, and Sienna, 8, as well as her husband Andy.

When she then presented him with the school photos, the Prince winced as he leafed through the pictures, but said, "They are awesome. I love that," New Zealand's The Press News reports.

The Prince instantly remember the teacher who started at the school the day of Princess Diana's funeral Photo: Getty Images

Christchurch was hit by an earthquake in 2011, which killed 185 people, and Harry's visit was to support regeneration efforts in the area. Earlier in the day, he met with Prime Minister John Key and rode a tram with him through some of the worst affected areas hit by the earthquake, before visiting the Quake City Exhibition.

Harry rode in a tram with Prime Minister John Key Photo: Getty Images

Waiting outside to greet Harry were hundreds of well-wishers. After his tour of the museum, Harry took his time to greet them. He even agreed to break his self-imposed selfie ban for a photo with 14-year-old Finlay Martin, the Telegraphreports.

"He said he didn't do selfies but he would do this one but not look at the camera," she said. "I was actually more excited that I thought I would be."

Prince Harry greeted a fellow redhead who held a sign for the Prince Photo: Getty Images

Harry also stopped to speak to fellow red-head, Riley Harris, 6, who was holding a placard saying: "Keep calm. Ginger is the spice of life."

The Prince told the little boy: "Gingers rule. Don't ever let anyone hassle you about it, and hang that sign up above your bed."

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