Queen Margrethe of Denmark's husband changes his title


It has been announced that Prince Henrik of Denmark's title will be changing. Queen Margrethe's husband, who is currently known as Prince Consort Henrik, is to have his titled simplified to Prince Henrik.

The Royal House of Denmark made the official announcement about the title change on August 15 and explained that the recently 'retired' 81-year-old made the decision himself.


Prince Consort Henrik's title will be simplified Photo: Getty Images

“It was his Royal Highness's own decision to change his title to the less formal Prince Henrik. Prince Henrik believes it is better suited to his current situation after retirement,” said the Royal House communications director to The Local.

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The title change comes after the royal has spoken openly about wanting to be referred to as King. “I have always said that I should be a partner, but I am not considered as a partner because I'm not on the same level as my wife which is completely incomprehensible. All the queens in the history of the world have made their husbands King consort. Why should I be under my wife? I don't accept it! I will never accept it,” he told Dutch reporters in 2015.


Henrik has openly discussed his frustrations at not being referred to as King Photo: Getty Images

Speaking about the situation with French newspaper Le Figaro last October, he added: “I decided to call myself Prince Consort in order to find a place in Danish society and a purpose and position in my work as prince,” he remarked.

“It makes me angry that I am subjected to discrimination. Denmark, which is otherwise known as an avid defender of gender equality, is apparently willing to consider husbands as worth less than their wives.”