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See what Duchess Kate and Meghan Markle will look like when they are 60 - the results are amazing!

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Sharnaz Shahid
Sharnaz ShahidDeputy Online Editor
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Fancy seeing what the Duchess of Cambridge could look like when she is 60? Well, here's your chance! Thanks to a new facial mapping technology, which shows scientifically how we will age years into the future, we can now predict how members of the royal family and celebrities alike will age 25 years down the line. The pioneering software, called Future Face, uses complex computer face mapping algorithms and has been created by the Harley Street facial cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva.

kate middleton before and after

Duchess Kate may look like this when she is 60

Dr De Silva uses pictures of patients which are super-imposed over each other. The software picks up on key signs of ageing such as sagging skin around the eyes and predicts how much the face will change in the following years. He also tried the software on Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry - and the results are fascinating! Dr De Silva said: "This new facial mapping technology allows us to look scientifically into the future and see exactly how a person will age. Meghan Markle comes out best from the Future Face algorithm. Her genes, olive complexion and terrific lifestyle choices suggest she will age the best of the well-known people we tested."

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meghan markle before and after

Meghan Markle doesn't appear too different

Speaking about the technology used on a picture of Kate, Dr De Silva explained: "The Duchess of Cambridge is also ageing very gracefully, but the years ahead may take a great toll on other celebrities such as Kate Moss who is expected to pay the price for years of partying in her 20s and 30s and her smoking habit." He added: "The software shows that Prince Harry will begin to look increasingly like his father Prince Charles in 35 years when he will be 68 and approaching old age. Years of touring and late nights might slightly speed up the ageing process for a pop star like Harry Styles, who is shown how he will look at 59 in 35 years."

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prince harry before and after

Prince Harry may look like his father Prince Charles

Dr De Silva, from the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in London, developed the Future Face technology to help show patients how they will look in years to come so that appropriate surgery can be planned. The Future Face software analyses the changes in the position of the eyelids, eyebrows, cheek bones, jawline, chin, forehead, nose, and lips from images taken years apart. Other factors which have also been taken into consideration include; genes, skin colour and lifestyle - smokers and heavy drinkers will find their skin ages considerably quicker.

dr de silva

Dr Julian De Silva created the pioneering software

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