Fans rally to support Meghan Markle after slew of negative press

Piers Morgan's latest column on Meghan Markle has people talking

Enough is enough. The new Duchess of Sussex has been on the receiving end of a fair amount of criticism recently. One such article was a column by Piers Morgan in which he claimed that Meghan had 'ghosted' him on social media after she started dating Prince Harry. But royal fans are not impressed with this and several other unprovoked attacks and have rallied around to support her. Replying to Piers' column, one person spoke about her own experiences meeting Meghan before she met Prince Harry. "She was frequent in the coffee shop I worked in in Toronto and she was always pleasant no matter the time of day even when the place was crazy," the tweet read. "Stop trying to get clout off Meghan's name."

Royals fans have defended Meghan

Other fans spoke about the increasing number of unfair and unflattering stories about the Duchess, with one writing: "The intensity with which so many people are hating on Meghan Markle is an example of how this world can't see a woman achieve something out of her league and own it." Another person added: "If you want to know how few [the critics] are, just look at the crowds [at Harry and Meghan's] engagements. That should tell you more. The vocal voices are trying to sway the public about her but it's not working."

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The Duchess hasn't responded to the articles

The Duchess, who is currently expecting her first child, has maintained a dignified silence, focussing instead on her royal engagements. Royal sources have told HELLO! that she does not read her press and is instead focused on her work. She is expected to announce her first patronages in the New Year. And December has already been a busy month for Meghan. On 5 December she visited King's College London to discuss important issues including human trafficking and modern slavery.

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She also attended a Christmas reception for the Royal Foundation - a private engagement which was only announced afterwards in the Court Curricular. In addition, Meghan revealed her blossoming baby bump when she and Harry attended a charity carol service early last week for the Henry Van Straubenzee Memorial Fund. Meghan showed her support for the cause by reading a beautiful poem as part of the event.

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