Sarah Ferguson: Everything we've learned from her new LinkedIn profile

The Duchess of York has chosen a very glamorous profile picture

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Sarah Ferguson is ready to do some serious networking! The Duchess of York announced this week that she has joined LinkedIn, sharing the news on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. The 60-year-old has chosen a glamorous professional picture for her profile, in which she has highlighted her numerous accomplishments. She lists her job as: "Spokesperson, Author, Producer and Humanitarian." To date she has 23 connections.


Sarah Ferguson LinkedIn profile picture

Much of the profile focuses on the Duchess's passion for helping children. Under her charity work, it notes that in 1993 the Duchess founded Children in Crisis – the charity recently merged with Street Child - which has "educated over £1.4 million children, trained over 18,000 teachers, built 57 schools and supports hundreds of schools on a yearly basis". She has, so far, worked as the charity's founder for 23 years and 5 months. It further states that Sarah recently returned from visiting Street Child's projects in Nepal and Sierra Leone to witness the good work being done.

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The Duchess describes herself as a "Spokesperson, Author, Producer and Humanitarian"

In addition to her charity work, the mother-of-two has also written a number of stories for children, from Budgie the Little Helicopter and Tea For Ruby. In total, Sarah has written over 55 books, including two autobiographies, and titles dealing with health, empowerment, history and art. "Other books include What I know now: Lessons Learnt The Hard Way; the aforementioned 12 book series Helping Hands with Lloyds Pharmacy and a five book children's series about the adventures of Little Red. The Duchess retraced Queen Victoria's travels abroad to co-write Travels with Queen Victoria as well as Osborne House,” the profile reads.

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Sarah has also referenced her numerous TV appearances. "The subject of countless media interviews herself, The Duchess has also found success as a reporter and presenter," her biography states. "In America, she has been a special correspondent for NBC's Today show and has presented specials and documentaries on ABC, FOX, and CNN. In Britain, she has presented and co-produced specials for ITV, BBC, and Sky TV. She has served as guest editor on BBC Radio 4 Today programme and has regularly contributed to BBC Radio 2's primetime lifestyle show Steve Wright."

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Sarah has noted 17 'Interests' on her profile, ranging from Forbes to the British Heart Foundation, the England and Wales Cricket Board and Teenage Cancer Trust. Other companies include Elephant Family, the Marylebone Cricket Club, The Perfect World Foundation and, notably, Pitch@Palace – which was founded by her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, to help provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs.

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