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Sarah Ferguson reveals her very unique lockdown wish in new must-see video

The Duchess teamed up with singer Mica Paris


Sarah Ferguson shared a new Instagram video with her followers on Thursday in which she revealed her lockdown wish. The Duchess, dressed in emerald green, opened her clip, by explaining: "I woke up this morning, and I said to myself, 'Do you know, I would just love to do a wave, and I would just love to go to a rainbow and go to the top of the rainbow all over the world and find a place where I could just wave, wave to all the children.' Children that are ill, or children that are hungry, or children that are sad, or children that are healthy, or children that are happy, but just to say to children all over the world, just today, just this very second. I want to say, 'Hello!' and I want to say, 'We're here. You're not alone.' I just want to do that…."

WATCH: Sarah Ferguson teams up with Mica Paris for uplifting video

The mother-of-two, who appeared on screen with a rainbow in the right-hand corner, then imagined the ways she could travel to the top of the rainbow – from a rocket, to a car, to a horse, before ultimately deciding on the best course of action. "So then I decided I'd better sing, but hmmm, I can't sing. I don't have a very good voice. So, you know what I did? I decided the best thing to do is what we should all do, is ask for help. Teamwork. Is ask a friend," the 60-year-old said.

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sarah ferguson story

Sarah Ferguson has been reading a children's story to her followers everyday

"So I rang my friend Mica, Mica Paris, and I said, 'Mica, would you ever sing, please? And would you in your singing help us to go to the top of a rainbow. Go over the rainbow, where birds fly high. Would you ever do that for us? Because we really need to go and wave to children all over the world. They just need to know, and to dare, that it is possible to dare for dreams. It is possible to fly high. And you are not alone. So, with so much love, Mica agreed. So here we are, we're going over the rainbow with deep, deep gratitude to everybody out there who makes our days better, including the rain." Sarah signed off her speech by blowing a kiss, before the clip cuts to Mica who performs a stunning accapella recital of Somewhere Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz.

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princess eugenie jack brooksbank nhs meals

Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack helped deliver meals to NHS workers this week

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Sarah's sweet message for her fans is the latest endeavour by the Duchess to keep spirits up during lockdown. Every day she takes the time to read a children’s story, which she posts on her Instagram account, and she has been instrumental in the York family's efforts to organise and distribute food parcels and other essentials to NHS workers across the country. Deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables, soup, toothbrushes and skincare products have reached frontline nurses and carers in Scotland and Wales as well as in London.

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