How to find love like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Chloe Best

Prince Harry may be officially off the market following the announcement of his engagement to Meghan Markle, but don't give up hope just yet! While our hopes of becoming a princess may have been dashed, there are some lessons we can take from Harry and Meghan's very modern royal romance and apply into our own dating lives.

Don't look up your date before you first meet

It can be tempting to compulsively check your date's social media profiles before you meet, but this can mean you don't give them a proper chance to get to know you (or you'll spend half the evening feigning surprise when they tell you about their hobbies or that holiday they took in 2008). Instead, make like Meghan, who claims she didn't know much about Harry before they met. Likewise, Harry admitted he'd never seen an episode of Suits, but quickly realised he had to "up my game" to impress his beautiful date.

Be spontaneous

We're not saying you have to jet off to Africa together on your third date like Harry and Meghan, but you should think outside of the box to make date nights more exciting. Think unique activities or immersive experiences that will provide a real talking point on your dates. Thanks to the recent rise of dating apps like Badoo, you can be more spontaneous than ever when it comes to meeting people too. For example, their 'People Nearby' feature can highlight suitable singles who are nearby, whether you're at home or exploring a new city - who knows who you might bump into!


Cook romantic meals together

You don't always have to flash the cash on expensive meals and drinks; a home-cooked meal is a romantic alternative that appears to have worked for Harry and Meghan. The Prince proposed over their roast chicken dinner, after all! Take cues from Harry and impress your date with this spatchcock chicken recipe, which tastes delicious but is surprisingly easy to cook.

Be proactive

Harry and Meghan had their very own matchmaker on hand to set up their first date, but if you don't have a friend who can play cupid it's time to take matters into your own hands. Badoo is a great place to start, as the biggest dating app in the world with over 360 million people listed, the odds of finding Mr Right are stacked in your favour! Our favourite feature is the 'Lookalikes' option, which allows you to upload a photo of your favourite Royal or celebrity and automatically selects profiles based on your preferences - so you can find your very own Prince Harry lookalike! Or your own Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds, if they're more your cup of tea...


What to wear

It's important to make an effort, but also wear something that you feel comfortable in and reflects your personality. For Meghan that could be anything from a relaxed blouse and skinny jeans (like the outfit she wore to the Invictus Games), to the chic dress and wrap coat she wore for her engagement announcement.

Stay in touch 

Harry and Meghan were forced to spend a lot of time apart in the early stages of their relationship due to the fact they were living in different continents, so would have spent a lot of time chatting on the phone or FaceTime. And while it's unlikely you'll face the same problem, video conversations are a great way to get to know your date better at the very beginning. Badoo's video chat feature is a convenient and safe way to meet new people. It is not the only safety feature used by the dating app; there are many female-friendly features such as selfie verification to prevent catfishing, and a two message limit in which guys can only message girls twice if they don't reply. There's also social channel verification, where you can link your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to your profile.

Click here to download the Badoo app and start putting Harry & Meghan’s romance rules to the test. With more new and exciting features to come in the new year, 2018 could be the year you find your last, first date!

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