Watch now: Stray dog dances along with young boy in Brazil

Gemma Strong

A video showcasing the dancing talents of a twerking dog has gone viral. The clip, which was uploaded to LiveLeak, shows a brown and white pooch copying the moves of a young Brazilian boy as he dances along to the sound of Latin-infused music in the background.

The dog, who is believed to be a stray, can be seen looking up at his new friend and seemingly imitating his hip-shaking as they entertain a crowd who have gathered around. They are filmed by a number of spectators, who start singing and clapping along in encouragement as the double act dance.

The video shows a stray dog dancing along with a young boy in Brazil

The age of the boy – who is dressed in a pair of bright green shorts - is not known, but with a big smile on his face, he encourages his companion to dance along with him as he moves his body in time to the rhythm.

It is thought that the video was filmed in Salvador in Brazil, and it has been viewed thousands of times since it was shared on YouTube.