8 celebrities with luxurious private jets to inspire your post-lockdown travel plans

See how you can travel like a celebrity for less...

Nichola Murphy

Justin Bieber, Oprah Winfrey and Taylor Swift are just some of the celebrities that have enjoyed the ultimate luxury travelling experience by making use of their own private jets. Many of us dream of escaping the cramped leg space and drooling fellow passenger resting on your shoulder that comes with the majority of budget airline flights, especially following the coronavirus outbreak. And while there is always the option of upgrading to business or first class, not many of us are lucky enough to own our own planes. 

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So how can we travel like celebrities without the hefty price tag? George Galanopoulos from Luxaviation UK recently appeared on This Morning to discuss how you can fly privately for the price of a business class ticket. If you and your family and friends choose an empty leg charter flight, which is when a plane is being repositioned, you can get a one-way private jet flight for much cheaper than you'd think! 

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This luxurious method of transport is bound to be particularly popular once travel restrictions ease. So keep scrolling to let these famous faces convince you that private jets are the only way to travel…



Jay-Z and Beyonce are the ultimate power couple - and they have the jet to prove it! The Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet has a spacious leather seating area and space to sleep seven guests. Beyonce supposedly gifted her husband the luxurious jet for Father's Day back in 2012 - we wonder if she's managed to outdo herself since!

Taylor Swift


Up until recently, Taylor Swift could choose between two of her own planes - a Dassault Falcon 50 and a Dassault-Breguet Mystere Falcon 900. According to TMZ, the Shake It Off singer has sold the former which she bought back in 2012. However, she still owns the larger Falcon 900, which has enough space for three separate lounge areas. It is personalised with the number 13 on the front - signifying her birthday on 13 December and her lucky number - and even has a registration number ending in her initials TS. 

Tom Cruise 


He was a very convincing pilot in Top Gun, so we're not surprised to hear that Tom Cruise owns his own plane! The actor owns the Gulfstream IV which is a very popular choice, particularly since you can customise the interior. Offering seating for at least 14 passengers, with various plush leather seats and space for a microwave, coffeemakers and a fridge, we can see why Tom would choose this method of transport.

Celine Dion


The Canadian singer has flown all over the world during tours, so it seems fitting that she has invested in an incredible private jet said to cost around $42 million. The Bombardier BD 700 Global Express can accommodate 12-16 passengers in three spacious seating areas. And it's a popular choice among celebrities, with the likes of Steven Spielberg and Bill Gates also opting for the same jet. We'd love a peek inside...

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John Travolta


There's no denying that John Travolta is an aviation enthusiast, just look at his qualifications and private fleet for proof. He has owned a large number of jets over his lifetime, from a Boeing 707 to an Eclipse 500. A new Boeing jet costs around £45.5 million, and while it can carry up to 150 passengers, the Grease star customised his to carry just 15, according to Yahoo! - so you can imagine how spacious it was!

Kylie Jenner


So it's not actually known whether this is Kylie's private jet or just one she was renting out - but doesn't it look incredible? The reality TV star gave fans a peek at the luxurious interior on Instagram in February, complete with soft cream carpets, leather seats and wooden decor. For the launch of Kylie Skin in 2019, she also shared pictures of a customised jet with pink writing down the side.

Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber gave fans a peek inside his private jet on Instagram in February 2020, sharing a picture of his wife Hailey reclining on one of the cream leather seats wrapped in a fluffy blanket. With a TV mounted on the wall in the background and enough space down the aisle for the singer to practise his hockey skills, Justin's method of transport looks pretty idyllic. We'd like whatever he has, please!

Oprah Winfrey


Similar to Celine Dion, Oprah Winfrey chose the Bombardier BD-700 Global Express XRS, which typically features 18 passenger seats, an aft lounge/bedroom and two toilets. So with all that extra space, when can we catch a ride with Oprah?