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Megan Fox apologises for snubbing flower-bearing fan amid campaign to find him


"I'm sorry sweet boy… I would gladly accept your rose if I saw you again," said the actress, pictured leaving the London premiere where she failed to see the young fan desperately trying to hand her a bloom
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Megan made the apology after a film website interviewer showed her a picture of the incident and asked what happened. She insists she didn't see the youngster
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25 JUNE 2009

Hollywood beauty Megan Fox has said sorry for accidentally snubbing a young boy who tried to give her a yellow rose as she left the London premiere of her new film Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

Pictures emerged of the youngster desperately trying to hand the brunette actress the bloom as she rushed through a crowd of snappers and fans. But Megan told a movie website she didn't see him. "I feel so sad for him. That’s so terrible. That kills me," she said.

The 23-year-old explained in a video interview how "there were, like, 80 million people everywhere." She continued: "It's dark, all I see are flashes. Everyone’s yelling different things… and I didn’t know that was happening."

Turning directly to the camera she says: "I'm sorry sweet boy, I would never do that to you. I would gladly accept your rose if ever see you again. Paparazzi would not let me to you. I'm so embarrassed."

A reunion between the actress and the boy could be on the cards, after photography company Kodak have got involved. They've offered a $5,000 reward for the first person that emails with information that leads to the discovery of his whereabouts.


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