Victoria Beckham

"If you haven't got it. Fake it! Too short? Wear high heels!" says Victoria. Having risen from obscurity as one of The Spice Girls and gone on to become half of one of the world's most high-profile couples, the singer can walk the walk - but she's certainly no fake.

Born Victoria Caroline Adams on April 17, 1974, in Hertfordshire, England, to parents Tony and Jackie, the singer admits to having wanted to be a star from the age of eight, after seeing the film Fame. Recognising the showbiz bug in their little girl her parents sent eight-year-old Victoria to the Jason Theatre School in Enfield where she studied until she was 17.

A year later the budding performer moved on to Laine Arts Theatre College in Surrey, taking dancing lessons on the side. Three years later she answered an ad in the magazine The Stage looking for five girls who could sing and dance. It was to be her ticket to fame. The female quintet Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Victoria would go on to become The Spice Girls.

The band's first single, Wannabe, went straight to number one and, for a few years, the girls couldn't put a foot wrong. Capturing the imagination of youngsters around the globe, they notched up hit after hit, breaking records in the process.

In 1997, when the Spice Girls were at the peak of their popularity and starring in their own movie Spiceworld, Victoria met her future husband, footballer David Beckham. The couple married two years later and have three sons - Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. There's also a new arrival expected in the summer of 2011.

Everything changed in 1998, however, when the de facto leader of the group, Geri Halliwell, quit. The remaining Spices continued without her for a while, but marriage, motherhood and solo careers began to take precedence. Although Victoria released a solo single Not Such An Innocent Girl and self-titled debut album in 2001, her family was increasingly central to her life.

In May 2003 she teamed up with US hip hop artist Damian Dash, but the project fizzled. Since then she's focused her attention on fashion, collaborating with several international design labels.

In 2006 she published the style guide That Extra Half Inch, and has created jeans, handbags and a popular range of sunglasses under her DVB brand. "I dreamed of doing my own clothing line even before I was a Spice Girl," she says.

As her commitment to fashion developed, so did her social life. She cemented her friendship with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, whose Rome nuptials she attended in 2006, and became pals with other members of the pair's exclusive Hollywood circle, including Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Will Smith. The following year David signed to American soccer team LA Galaxy, and his family July relocated to California.

In June 2007 Victoria dipped a toe back into the music scene when she reunited with her fellow Spice Girls to release a greatest hits album, which was followed by a world tour.

Posh's real interest remained her design ventures, however. "It's been so much fun being a Spice Girl and I've loved every minute of it," she announced. "It's been great for my children to see mummy being a pop star. But it's been tough as well because fashion is my passion, not music."

In 2009 Victoria released a Spring Summer line of dresses for her new fashion label Victoria Beckham. The collection has gradually grown over the past few years, with some major celebrities choosing to wear her designs on the red carpet.

In July 2011 Victoria and husband David welcomed their first baby daughter into their family, Harper Seven Beckham.
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