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Denmark's Joachim and Marie enjoy family treasure quest on theme park visit


Finger on the trigger, Prince Nikolai seemed absorbed in his treasure adventure alongside stepmum Marie
 Photo: © Rex


Outside, the whole family – Joachim, Marie, Nikolai and Felix – took a ride through the theme park in a real 4x4
 Photo: © Rex

30 MARCH 2010

Following their trip to Mexico's spectacular Teotihuacan pyramids earlier this month, there were more ancient wonders in store for Denmark's Prince Joachim and Princess Marie this week – albeit in Lego form.

The royal couple, accompanied by Princes Nikolai and Felix, jumped into a 'Jeep' to test out a new treasure-hunting ride as they opened Denmark's Legoland for the new season.

And ten-year-old Nikolai certainly looked to be getting into the spirit of things alongside stepmum Marie. Keeping his finger firmly on the trigger of his raygun, the youngster seemed thoroughly absorbed by his quest through earthquakes, villains and mummies on new park attraction The Temple.

And outside the treasure-hunting theme continued as, donning an Indiana Jones-style hat with brother Felix, Nikolai joined the whole family for a ride in a real off-road vehicle.

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