Ten recession-friendly dresses wedding guests will love

It’s always difficult to know what to wear at weddings, and it can be a pricey affair for guests.

Now, more than ever, ladies are turning to the high street for outfits that are easy on the pocket.

We've put together a short list of do's and don'ts in terms of what to wear on your friend’s big day and chosen our favourite recession-friendly dresses for this season. 



DON’T wear white! – This may seem obvious, but it's surprising how many of us forget this rule when we see something we love in the shops. If you are drawn to white DO choose a slightly off white tone, such as cream or beige. And ensure you team this with some colour. Combining a cream tone with a pattern is another way of avoiding looking like you’re competing with the bride.

DON'T go red! – Steer clear of bright red. Red is a sultry, passion colour which carries negative connotations, so it isn’t particularly appropriate for a wedding. If red is your colour, DO choose a bright fuschia pink for summer, or a duller hue in autumn.

DO go short for daytime weddings. The general rule, particularly in the summer, is to wear a short dress if you're attending a day time affair, and for evening weddings or receptions go for something longer. Maxi dresses are great come the hot weather, but ball gowns can be too much and don’t fit the occasion.

DO think pretty and floral. Weddings are one of the few opportunities that the busy, modern day woman gets to dress up and look smart. As they are such happy occasions opt for light, pastel colours, pretty florals and soft fabrics. Guests should aim to complement the beautiful sunny scenes of a summer wedding, without being too overpowering.