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Lisa Faulkner and John Torode defend wedding comment following fans' reaction

The couple recently celebrated their six month anniversary

john torode and lisa defend wedding comment

Lisa Faulkner and John Torode have defended calling their wedding day "the best day of our lives," after fans criticised them for using that expression despite both having children.

Speaking live on HELLO! magazine's Friday night Instagram show HELLO! Let's Gab, the newlyweds opened up about their big day to presenter Gaby Roslin and explained why it had been so special.

"The actual day was so wonderful. I didn't expect it to be quite so wonderful and I don't know whether it was because I wasn't stressed about it. We just enjoyed it from beginning to end," said Lisa.

LISA and john talk to gaby

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"Really funny," said John, before explaining the drama that had entailed after they announced their wedding on social media. "When we did actually put up a post, both of us said it was the best day of our lives and all these people said 'what about your children?' and I said, yes those were the best days of our lives as well, I think you're allowed to have more than one best day of your life."

The chef added: "And at the time it was just the most special, wonderful time. All our families came from overseas , America and Australia..."

lisa and john at their wedding© Photo: Instagram

Lisa and John, who recently celebrated their six month anniversary by rewearing their wedding outfits to cook a burger at home – and later clean the kitchen – then got into a little argument about whether or not a bride could wear her dress before the actual wedding day.

"For anybody that was meant to be getting married during this time, bless you," said John, before Lisa added: "Bless you, but put your wedding dresses on."

"Yes…," said John before quickly realising what Lisa had just said. "Well, don't put yours on, because that's bad." "What?!," replied a very confused Lisa.

"No, you can't put it on before you get married," John said again. "What? Why?" asked Lisa, as John argued, "No, no, no, you put on someone else's dress, but not your own. Wait till the day you get married. That's bad luck!"

lis and john photobooth wedding© Photo: Instagram

Lisa defended her advice, explaining to John and Gaby: "I just think you should be able to say. 'We were meant to get married today, we can still get married in our house and do a little service'."

"I would never have celebrated a six month wedding anniversary, believe me, it was only because we were on lockdown. But it was such a lovely time and to put on my dress again, I was swishing around, feeling so special, in my house. I recommend it to anybody," she explained.

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