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5 most embarrassing wedding moments to avoid on your big day

What not to do on your wedding day

5 most embarrassing wedding moments to avoid on your big day

No matter how much you plan your wedding, some things just don't go as you expect – like the cringey best man's speech and drinking too much alcohol.

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According to, who looked at the nation's true thoughts and feelings when it comes to UK wedding traditions, 85% of people have cringed at least once during a wedding. Take a look at why and get tips on how to avoid it…

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1. Tone-deaf speeches

With months to prepare, you would have thought the best man would have their speech perfected – and even screened by family members. But the research found that 38 per cent of wedding guests have said they've witnessed a cringe-worthy speech and a whopping 72 per cent have even said it's been inappropriate. No wonder a quarter of grooms have argued with their best man because of what they've said on their big day!

2. Embarrassing dancing

When the drinks are flowing and the DJ or band gets going, you're sure to see guests old and young hit the dancefloor, so it's expected that 'dad dancing' ranked as the second most embarrassing moment.

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couple dancing© Photo: Alamy

Almost one-quarter of wedding guests are embarrassed watching the first dance

3. Awkward first dance 

Is the first dance a coordinated waltz? Or a simple sway to a romantic song? The bride and groom themselves can actually be the cause of cringey moments, with 21 per cent of people saying they were embarrassed watching the couple take to the dance floor.

4. Drunk bride and groom 

Remember to pace yourself when it comes to alcoholic drinks! 16 per cent confessed they'd witnessed drunken behaviour from the bride and groom, and it's unlikely they want to be embarrassed when remembering their nuptials. Meanwhile, 78 per cent of wedding guests have also admitted to drinking too much at a wedding and 27 per cent say that drinking has started before midday.

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Discussing wedding costs

It's well known that weddings are often an expensive affair, but that doesn't mean brides and grooms should bring it up in conversation. found 10 per cent found it cringey when the couple bragged about how much their wedding cost.

best man speech© Photo: iStock

The best man's speech was ranked the most embarrassing

Since the best man's wedding speech took the top spot, the survey also found out what people think is and isn't acceptable. There is a lot of pressure for the best man to get the balance right between funny, sentimental and rude. 

According to the research, over half of respondents think it's acceptable to be mean to the bride during the speeches, a third think mother-in-law jokes are off-limits and 60 per cent think it's acceptable to mention the groom’s ex.

Any future best men looking for inspiration? To prevent awkward and cringey speeches, has created a joke generator to help them prepare.

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