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Princess Diana and King Charles discuss pre-wedding fears in unearthed clip

The royal couple discussed raising a family

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Nichola Murphy
Nichola MurphyDeputy Lifestyle Editor
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Princess Diana and King Charles opened up about royal responsibilities ahead of their wedding in 1981, and one thing on their minds was the challenges of raising a family.

The royals sat down in the Summer House at Buckingham Palace where they joked about fitting cooking and cleaning around their joint royal engagements. When asked whether they think they'll have time for a private home life, Charles turned to his fiancée and quipped: "You're the one with the domestic duties."

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Diana responded that she was "looking forward to being a good wife," and jokingly added: "I have done a cooking course. I'm average, but you haven't tasted anything because I won't let you."

However, Charles did confess that he had some concerns about balancing his royal duties and raising a family. "This is the most difficult thing, trying to work out how you can have a family life as well as all the public demands that there are. I tend to lead a sort of idiotic existence of trying to get involved in too many things and dashing about," the then-Prince said. "It isn't easy, there's so much to be done."

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Charles and Diana got married at St Paul's Cathedral in 1981

Diana and Charles did manage to juggle their responsibilities after their nuptials at St Paul's Cathedral, as they went on to welcome two sons Prince William and Prince Harry, who were born in 1982 and 1984 respectively.

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In the same interview, they discussed dealing with the paparazzi after announcing their engagement in February 1981. "I'm more used to it, knowing for years the cameras are poking at you from every quarter and recording every twitch you make. So you can get used to it to a certain extent, and on those occasions, that's part of it," began Charles.

princess diana walking harry william

Despite their concerns about balancing family and royal life, they welcomed sons Prince William and Prince Harry

He added: "If you don't work out in your own minds some kind of method for existing and surviving this kind of thing, you would go mad."

After acknowledging she had experienced six months of media interest at that point, Diana confessed was was "just" coping, and said: "[Prince Charles has been] a tower of strength."

Things turned more serious when Diana was asked about her thoughts about taking on the role of the Princess of Wales, as she said: "My life will be a great challenge."

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