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First pics of Geri's baby Bluebell Madonna

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"Besotted" is how Geri Halliwell describes her feelings towards the baby daughter she welcomed ten days ago. In an exclusive interview in HELLO! magazine the flame-haired singer has been speaking about the moment she first set eyes on Bluebell Madonna.

In issue 920 of HELLO!, on sale from Tuesday, May 23, Geri opens her heart about the emotional birth. "It was overwhelming - the biggest life-changing experience that's ever happened to me," she enthuses. "This is an emotional, spiritual physical adventure that's going to last a lifetime."

The name came to the former Spice Girl during her regular walks in the park towards the end of the pregnancy when she seemed to see the flowers everywhere. "What clinched it for me was my mother telling me that the bluebell is increasingly rare - so it's a precious flower, which seems just right for my daughter."

With her sweet, tiny baby sleeping peacefully in her lap, the first-time mum reveals why Bluebell's dramatic entry into the world made Madonna the obvious choice for a second name. In having an unusual moniker Geri's child is in good company, with the Beckham boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, as well as Mel B's daughter who is called Phoenix.

In the report HELLO! readers can also find out about the 33-year-old's plans for the future and why she may well decide to raise her baby in Britain.

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The former Spice Girl shows off the baby who means everything to her. "Nothing else seems to matter: no success, nor all the money in the world could match being a mother with Bluebell in my arms," she declaresPhoto: © HELLOClick on photo for gallery

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