It's over: Katie Price and Peter Andre granted divorce in the High Court

The couple have paved the way for a problem free split - having already agreed a financial settlement.  Pete is likely to get a half share of the £12 million the pair earned during their marriage
 Photo: © Getty Images

Three-and-a-half years after they tied the knot following the start of their romance in the I'm A Celebrity… jungle, it's over for Katie Price and Peter Andre.

The couple were granted a decree nisi in London's High Court on Friday. Neither were expected to attend the hearing.

They will then have six weeks to wait before a decree absolute is granted, finalising the divorce once and for all.

Behind Closed Doors singer Pete and Katie have apparently already negotiated a financial settlement and joint custody of their two children Junior four and two-year-old Princess - leading the way for a problem-free split.

In an unusual move, both the parties petitioned for divorce. Pete is believed to have filed his papers first, and when 31-year-old Katie found out she instructed her lawyers to take action too.

The situation, known as cross decrees, makes no difference to the divorce or any financial deal or parental rights. But it does mean neither of them will have to admit being responsible for the break up of the marriage.

It's been reported that Peter is likely to be awarded £6 million – half of the £12 million the pair earned during their marriage. The 36-year-old singer has not asked for any of the £28 million Katie - aka Jordan - earned before they met.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2005, announced their separation in May after their efforts to save their marriage through counseling failed.

Katie is currently dating cage fighter Alex Reid, while Pete remains single.