Oysters and champagne… one fabulous last feast for Keith Floyd

"I haven't felt this well in a long time", he declared after eating at the Hix Oyster and Fish House in Dorset
 Photo: © Rex

He had been advised that morning by the doctor to cut down on alcohol.

So what did legendary bon viveur Keith Floyd do – just hours before suffering a fatal heart attack on Monday?

The flamboyant chef – who had been fighting cancer - sat down to a three-course meal, featuring champagne, wine and the finest food the West Country had to offer.

Along with his new partner Celia Martin, he started off with a 'Hix Fix' champagne cocktail on the terrace of the eatery in Dorset.

Then came oysters and potted shrimp, followed by partridge with bread sauce and finally perry jerry – pear cider made into jelly. 

He washed down the food with a glass of white Burgundy and a couple of glasses of Cote du Rhone.

The lunch was to celebrate Celia's birthday and some positive news for him following medical tests.

She said: "It was my 65th birthday and we started off by going to see the specialist to do with his cancer.

"He had some very good news and he was very optimistic of his chances of beating it".

Unfortunately it was not to be. In the end the larger than life gourmand bowed out earlier than he would have liked, at 65, but having had one fabulous last meal.