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Police called to Ronnie Wood's house after 'blazing row' with Russian girlfriend

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It seems the romance between Ronnie Wood and his Russian girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova is on the rocks, after police were called to the house of the Rolling Stones musician following a blazing row between the couple. 

The pair - who have been together since July 2008 - got into a heated argument after a party at their £5 million North London home, and neighbours - alarmed by the commotion - alerted the police. 

Officers arrived on the scene shortly after 2.30 am on Monday morning to question the couple, but made no arrests. There are reports that 62-year-old Ronnie has now ended their relationship after the row, which was apparently sparked by the guitarist's plans to have dinner with his former wife Jo, daughter Leah and new granddaughter Maggie Dean. 

A source close to the Woods said the dinner had been arranged in an attempt to reconcile differences in the family since the break up of Ronnie and Jo's marriage, reports the Daily Mail. Twenty-one-year-old Ekaterina apparently wanted to go too, but Ronnie was against the idea. After first trying to get Ekaterina to leave the property, Ronnie is reported to have packed a suitcase and left. He is apparently now staying in a flat near his former matrimonial home in Kingston, South-West London.

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