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Kids help Katie Price through jungle trial as she faces an additional challenge from Kim

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She faced cockroaches, eels, snakes, biting fire ants and even beetle juice, but there was only one thing on Katie Price's mind during her third bushtucker trial - her children. After completing the final part of her task, the mum-of-three shouted out: "I love you kids, love you" to her three children, Harvey, Junior and Princess.The model - who has said she returned to the show to win back Peter Andre's approval - certainly had a lot to be proud of after winning nine out of 12 stars in the school-themed challenge.She visibly shook as she attempted the task's seven sections, but still managed to secure an impressive number of meals for her campmates, who cheered her on. The celebrities seem to be impressed by the 31-year-old brunette, who has been voted to do every trial since arriving in the jungle.Despite that, she was on the receiving end of some strong words from How Clean Is your House's Kim Woodburn when Katie asked the contestants what they thought of her now, in comparison to their preconceptions."You are what I thought you'd be. You're a publicity seeker. You live and die for publicity and you do it well," said the 67-year-old."You said you escaped to come in here but you've got 12 million people watching you every night. What I'm saying is you do publicity very well and you protest all the time but love it."While the other celebs looked shocked, Katie kept her cool, shrugging the comments off by agreeing and saying: "You make me laugh." She later confided in chef Gino D'Acampo: "I'm like a robot. You can fire any bullets you like at me…Kim she battered me. She did a bit. I was laughing. That's nothing."It was an eventful start for newcomer Joe Bugner. The former boxer – who has lived in Australia for 20 years – has replaced dancer Camilla Dallerup, who quit the show on Wednesday.The celebs have also just found out they will be split into two this week, with one half remaining in base camp - the luxury option - while the others head to Exile, where they will have to sleep on the floor.

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