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Tamara Ecclestone welcomes us into her multi-million pound Chelsea home

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Billionaire’s daughter Tamara Ecclestone has given HELLO! magazine an exclusive insight into her luxurious lifestyle. Tamara, 26, lives in a house that features a screening room, indoor pool, a solarium, mini gym, and walls that are decorated with works by Sam Taylor-Wood and Damian Hirst.

“I’m not a spoilt, ungrateful brat who doesn’t know the value of money,” insists the model, whose enormous walk-in wardrobe boasts 14 shelves stacked with Christian Louboutin shoes alone, a further 22 pairs of Ugg boots and at least 50 pairs of pumps. She also has a Hermès Birkin handbag in each of the 17 shades.


“For me, ‘spoilt’ means ruined, and I don’t feel ruined,” she tells HELLO!. “I’m so grateful for everything I have. My dad worked so hard for it, why should I feel ashamed? If I made a lot of money, I’d want my kids to have a really nice time.” 

Her octogenarian father recently said that he was still having to work in order to fund the lifestyle of Tamara and her sister Petra. Tamara explains that this was his “dry sense of humour – he tried to make a joke that wasn’t funny”. Tamara said she made the mistake of going online to see people’s reactions to these comments. “I was so hated,” she said.

Her parents split in November 2008. “I’d love my mum to think about meeting someone, but she’s so not ready,” says Tamara of her 52-year-old mother, former model Slavica. Bernie has clearly moved on and is now dating Brazilian Fabiana Flosi, 31. 

“That’s pretty weird,” admits Tamara. “I don’t know her very well. I just think, ‘It’s his life.” While Tamara is proud of her father’s success, she wants to be known in her own right. She is an aspiring businesswoman, who recently bought a Knightsbridge pub. She has also worked as a presenter for Sky Sports Italia and will soon be signing up for a reality show based on her life. 

She is also optimistic about her own love life. She has been dating stockbroker Omar Khyami for nine months. “I’m a Type A personality – a little bit controlling – and he’s the total opposite,” she reveals. “He’s the most laidback, calm, human being in the whole world.” 


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