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Selena says Justin is her 'thunder' as the pair frolic on the beach

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They recently went public with their relationship after months spent denying any romantic involvement. But actress Selena Gomez and pop sensation Justin Bieber already seem comfortable discussing their love. When asked if he was "the thunder to her lightning" - a reference to the lyrics of her single Naturally  - the Disney star replied: "Yeah, I think so."


The 18-year-old revealed she believes the perfect relationship is based on "compassion, honesty and having fun". "I'd like to think that's what I've got," she added.

And the young lovebirds certainly seemed to be having fun when they were spotted on the beach in Maui earlier this week, puting on a very public display of affection.

The Canadian star had been enjoying a romantic vacation with Selena, staying in a $10,000 a night suite at the Four Seasons Hotel.

As the couple frolicked on the beach, Justin swept the brunette in his arms and she wrapped her legs around him as they embraced in full view of beach-goers.

They were, no doubt, eager to cherish their time together, which Selena also revealed is hard to come by with Justin, 17, in the middle of his world tour.


She admits long-distance romances are no easy feat. "There's no point getting on the phone and being like "I haven't heard from you, why didn’t you call me?" and bickering about it," she said. "You need to be able to support each other from a distance but also give each other space and continue to live your life." Earlier in the week, they attended the Billboard Music Awards where Justin, who picked up six awards, looked dapper in a gold jacket.And the pair embraced before he went up to collect an award, to wild cheers from the crowd.

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