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Lady Gaga on her 'sacred' love life

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Forget staying upright in those towering heels. Lady Gaga's most ingenious balancing act is managing to be one of the world's most talked about stars while enjoying privacy in her love life. So news that the Bad Romance singer is dating a new man will have come as a surprise to many, including her 'little monsters'.Her latest beau is 30-year-old Vampire Diaries hunk Taylor Kinney. The pair became an item after consolidating the simmering chemistry that bubbled up between them on the set of her video You And I. 


Gaga, 25, has staunchly refused to give anything away since they met in July, only saying she was "very happy." But after months of strategic paparazzi dodging, the singer was pictured this week enjoying a cuddle and a stroll with her man near his beach house in California. Her romantic reticence is a sharp contradiction to her larger-than-life public persona. But as eccentric or accessible to her fans as she may seem, her love life is the one part of her that won't be shared. "My love life is the only thing I don't talk about." she told Entertainment Tonight recently."I don't know how artists do it. Talk about their lives and marriages and divorces and boyfriends.   "It's sacred in a different way and I would rather reveal it in a poetic way." The singer has previously dated musician Luc Carl and her creative director, Matt Williams.

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