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'Cheers' star Ted Danson reveals secret to a happy marriage

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Age is not something that has withered veteran actor Ted Danson, star of sitcom Cheers.The impeccably groomed 64-year-old is as lithe as when he played womanising bar man Sam Malone in the 1980s."The joints ache more but here's my philosophy: I decided to become a professional athlete - at 64," he says eyes twinkling.

Ted Danson


"Professional athletes are always in pain, they play hurt all the time... And they are constantly in rehab so that's me! I play hurt and go to rehab all the time to fix my body so what's the big deal!"The result is enivable: "I eat less, stretch and work out," shrugs the actor.At least Ted can take comfort from a multi-award winning TV and film career spanning five decades, most recently in the acclaimed hit drama Damages alongside Glenn Close, and cult comedies Curb Your Enthusiasm and Bored To Death.Ted says he normally hates to see himself on camera but revisiting Cheers - which is being shown on CBS Drama - bucks the trend.He stays in touch with most of the Cheers gang: "I try not to see Woody Harrelson because he has become this big movie star and it grates so I try and stay away from him," quips Ted."Any movie he's on I try and watch it on a small screen. He's done such amazing work! He takes big chunks out of life and chews them up!"


How does he feel to watch himself on screen in the iconic role?"It's so long ago I don’t recognise that person," he muses."I can relax and enjoy it with Mary in bed. She asks what happens next and I have no idea at all! It's pleasurable. I can watch it like a normal audience because I have forgotten it entirely!"Ted and his movie star wife Mary Steenbergen, 59, have been married 16 years. Twice divorced Ted has two daughters, Mary one daughter and a son from her previous ten year marriage to Malcolm McDowell."We met in 1993, fell in love on a film set and got married in 95," recalls Ted. "Maybe it's more true of relationships in later life but we celebrate life everyday.We really are lucky. Being grateful for what we have, and laughing – that's the secret – boy do we laugh a lot! She's probably laughing at me but a laugh's a laugh!"Ted is starring in Cheers, weeknights at 6pm on CBS Drama

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